Wow June is coming – June is coming!

Whoa Nelly.  June is almost here! Graduation is on the minds of the seniors and some juniors.  Freshman and Sophomores are thinking about the next year and how many credits they need until they graduate.  Well, how did you do?  Did you learn anything?

Consider the following:
As graduation approaches, you are no doubt thinking about the remaining classes, classmates, favorite or no so favorite teachers. The freshman were concerned about moving into a new building with “older people”!  But regardless of your starting points or ending points, your minds were spinning like a whirlwind trying to take it all in while at the same time maintaining your cool.  Come on now!  I used to rock the bell bottoms and fro back in the day and wear my sunglasses!  But I outgrew it!  Now I wear suits, ties, and rock the suspenders and Johnston and Murphy’s.  But I digress.

Many of our students do not want their peers to see them sweat so they cover over their anxieties with jokes, laughter, teasing, and sometimes insults and bullying.

So before you go down that slippery slope of negativity, you will want to check yourself and take inventory of your emotions and your thoughts. Ask yourself are you following the HIGHEST principles possible?  Are you working to BE THE BEST you possible?  Are you taking the higher ground and GROWING emotionally and psychologically so that you can function at your optimal level?

All of the underclassmen should be looking at all of those seniors and soaking up their knowledge.
How many of the seniors actually learned something in class?  How many applied themselves to their studies?  How may were in the principals office everyday?

Without the mindset wanting to “be the best you”,  you will be ‘just another wannabe, could-a, would-a, should- a kinda person’ whom teachers and administrators will later say” “They had so much potential to be more”.    Don’t let that be said about you!  Don’t leave your educational game on the bench. Bring your “A” game everyday so that when the big tests come along in life you can pass them.

Leonardo DeCaprio

With that said, lets consider some of the areas that you will eventually be confronted with as you progress through school. Politics, Religion, Gender Equality, Sexuality, Grooming, Dress, Music, Friends, Physical appearance are some of the many topics you will eventually discuss in the cafeteria, playground, gym, on the bus and even walking to and from school.  Even though all people have to deal with each subject matter (including teachers, administrators and even your parents, grandparents, siblings), you will be surprised to learn how many different answers can be provided for each of them.  But for every different answer there are also different outcomes. So the choices you make today will have a HUGE impact on your potential outcomes tomorrow!

The point being, is that YOU need to be the BEST YOU!  There is a right way and a wrong way for everything in life.  But there is only ONE answer that can MAXIMIZE your potential.  If all choices or just ANY choice led to a positive outcome then why do we have so much corruption, dishonesty, hypocrisy, crime, violence, hatred, prejudice, racism, etc. There is only ONE answer that can help you be the BEST YOU possible!

If you are really paying attention to our blog you will have more than an inkling of what direction you should go.  One of my friends once said that opinions are like tennis shoes.  Everyone has them and they all STINK!

immaturity poster

Opinions usually are odorous when we do not agree with them.  But having been raised in a rural area as a teen I actually came to love the smell of a dead skunk.  It took some getting used to but I can truthfully today it is not as offensive as the first time I smelled it. There is something refreshing about the pungent order of dead skunk that clears the nostrils and open the lungs.  The point is that we are going to here opinions that initially we may find ODOROUS, but after we have had some time to think about them and as we gain more knowledge and understanding, discernment and thinking ability, then we begin to see the WISDOM in words, that initially we did not agree with.  Allow yourself that opportunity to understand the words you hear, before you draw your final conclusions.

So as you walk the hallways of school and eventually the hallways of life, test the quality of the words. Listen to the emotion and conviction attached to them, then determine if they have merit.  But be forewarned!

Remember, that even a racist has conviction for their beliefs, and even Hitler had conviction for his actions.  But that does not justify them nor make them legal nor make them acceptable.  So be careful about the conclusions you draw on the words you hear.  You may just need more knowledge, understanding, discernment and thinking ability before you can properly come to the right conclusions.

Choose your friends wisely.  You WILL become the company you keep!
If you hang around people who have a limited vocabulary and use colorful metaphors to express themselves, there is a 99.9% chance you will do the same.  If they deal with their anxieties by smoking and drinking, swearing and fighting, there is a very high probability you will do the same.

However, the same can be said if you hang around people who have proper manners, and principles.  People who cultivate intrinsic qualities such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control, chasteness, contentment, loyalty, obedience, humility, etc.  Those qualities will take you anywhere and open any door or opportunity.  You may also meet people who understand investment portfolios, real-estate, entrepreneurial-ism, people, who have self-respect and a positive self image and positive self esteem, people who follow a higher standard.  People who have their values grounded on higher principles.  Their good qualities will become YOUR good qualities.

When you choose the latter, you have a greater chance of accomplishing your goals without disappointments and regrets in your life.  So ask yourself, which would you rather have?

If you believe you have to experience disappointment in order to know how it feels then you may also be a person who thinks the glass is half empty.  You may be the negative-nellie of the group, always putting others down, always complaining and finding fault with everyone and everything. That is not an image of a healthy mind.

man with a nookie  immaturity 2
Don’t be this guy!                Act like this!

However, if you think you can learn many of life’s lessons by watching and learning through others failures and successes then you may be a person who thinks the class is half full.  That is a very positive individual who is always looking for the silver lining, looking for the good, and pursuing the higher virtues.  BE THAT PERSON!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.  Want proof, simply look at your peers.

Steve Brown MS, CEO