Value YOUR Education – Pursue Virtue! Show Valor! Become the Victor!

Value Your Education – Pursue Virtue! Show Valor! Become the Victor!

Regardless of your mile marker in life, we can all straighten out our path to pursue VIRTUE, VALOR to be the VICTOR.  No matter how many times you have fallen or how many negative ‘numbskulls’ or ‘gatekeepers’ stand in your way do not give up on your journey to be the best you.

Since no one can say they are perfect or have never stumbled in life consider the following:  Do good people do bad things?  Of course they do.  Do bad people do good things? Of course they do.
So what is the difference?  Wicked or bad people never stop being wicked or bad. They still practice their corruption, their vices, their racism, their prejudices, their biases, their negative actions and attitudes while performing an occasional good deed.  Yet people who are of good character may stumble in word or deed. They may even commit some numbskull mistakes themselves, but like the Weebles that wobble, they don’t stay down.  Many good people can and have acted out of character and make poor choices which can ultimately mar their self-esteem, or character.   But they pick themselves up and continue on living their life pursuing virtuous endeavors, manifesting outstanding valor in the face of the most difficult situations which ultimately makes them the VICTOR!

Regardless of what century or millennium we started our journey, humans were created to strive for perfection.  Some of us may have started out well and then tripped while others stumbled out of the starting gate.  Regardless of where you are in life, we all control our choices, words, conduct and feelings.  There is no law against kindness, good manners, love, joy, peace, self-control, nor mildness. Work toward developing these qualities. Make them an integral part of your character. They will serve you well.

This applies if you were born with the proverbial silver spoon or spent some time in juvenile detention centers or even prison.  Everyone has the ability to ‘be a better YOU.’ Never, say you cannot change, because then you are saying that you are a robot and controlled by someone other than yourself.
Everyone, and I mean everyone can grow and improve in character.

VIRTUE is the quality of being morally good in behavior or character.  It can be attained when we overcome negative obstacles that will be standing in our way.
VALOR is courage or bravery.  Be courageous and brave and face your fears, challenge yourself to be better than what you are today.  Dare to be great at everything.
VICTOR is the person who has overcome or defeated an adversary. You adversary may be a disability, an academic limitation or even negative family experiences to name just a few. But whatever the challenge don’t back down.  Stand firm and pursue a good character, Be courageous and brave and you will be the VICTOR!

The UniversityofBandz is dedicated to helping students, parents, teachers and community members to supports us in helping everyone to ‘be the BEST YOU possible.’

Ste Brown MS, CEO