The Garden of YOUR Mind – What’s Growing in there?

The Garden of YOUR Mind – What’s Growing in there?

Your Mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds, you can either grow flowers or grow weeds – Author Unknown.

Think about those words.  As students you choose what to put in your mind.  You can either put positive, wholesome, up-building, encouraging thoughts or you can choose to put a garbage dump in your mind filled with foul language and wrong motive. Which would you rather have?

garbageGarbage dump

japanese-garden-jjennings-designBeautiful Garden!

Your choice says all you need to know about your CHARACTER!
Just as a garbage dump smells and is offensive to the nose, so is the student who chooses to carry around a garbage dump in their mind.
Which would you rather be known for, a Garbage Dump or a Beautiful Garden?  Are people excited to see you and refreshed after you leave them or do they dread it when you come around because you pollute their environment with your poor character?

To be the BEST you, you will have to ask the tough questions.  Unfortunately you may not like the answer……………………….

To be continued……..

Steve Brown MS, CEO