The Garden of YOUR Mind – II

The Garden of Your Mind – II

Now that you have began to examine the Garden of YOUR mind, What did you find?  Chickweed, Dead Nettle, Hairy Bittercress, Henbit? (It you are having a tough time with the analogy, then you need to hit the books. Take heart, it is part of your growth process)

But if your mind is anything like this picture, you need help!

Weeds in garden

Remember when the Monongahela River was so polluted that it was on fire? (still think history is boring?!)  Do you know how they cleaned it up?  They stopped dumping crud, chemicals, and raw sewage and factory runoff into the river.  Guess what happened?

Now look at it.
Manongahela river 2

Nature has the power to correct itself when humans give it the right support.  Oh, and you can clean up your mind, your motives, your language and change your character with the right support as well.

You have your assignment.  Now, will you do YOUR homework on your personality so you can improve, build and polish your character?

Steve Brown MS, CEO
UniversityofBandz LLC