School Violence – Unacceptable!

School Violence – Unacceptable


You Tube School Violence:

Please watch the entire short video.  Problems like these exists in schools around the country.  However, the majority of them are not going to be as intense.  There are exceptions to everything and NO school is immune to the these types of problems.

It can occur in urban and suburban locations, private as well as charter schools.  Unfortunately, there are not enough people who really want to deal with this type of environment.

No student should ever be bullied, no teacher should ever be disrespected or attacked by any student and no parent should turn their back on any teacher who is trying to do their job in their classrooms, while having to deal with insults, disrespect from students and threats from students.

The goal of our program is to change the environment by helping students value their character.  We would appreciate your support in
moving our Character First Initiative forward so we can reach more students and families.

Your Character is your #1 Transferable skills. Value your character.
Be the BEST you!

Ste Brown