Quit Whining – Pursue Greatness

Quit Whining – Pursue Greatness

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I think we would all agree it would be great to have a nice start in any race.  However, in the race for life it is not always how we start, but how we finish.

Since none of us could chose which families we would be born into or what limitations we would have, then all of us start our race in different circumstances.

In a real race, some people stumble out of the starting blocks while others burst ahead.  Others fall during the race and some just lose steam and come back to the pack.  So regardless of YOUR circumstances or  what ever patch of badness you run into simply pick yourself up, brush off the dirt and keep running the race.


Be determined to run the race to win the prize. If you need to work harder or run faster to make up ground then get it done. Stop the blame game!  Quit making excuses! If you cannot figure out how to move forward then ASK someone to help you.

Runner finishing race with his father

When the racers see the finish line they reach down into their energy reserves and give it all they can. They leave nothing in the tank. When you look back at your educational endeavors be sure you can say you gave it everything you had and you left nothing in the tank!

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How much more should that apply to your Character.  Some get off to a great start, some stumble, fall down, pick themselves up, fall again, pick themselves up again and keep running.

Others fall down and never get up.  Some start out strong but do not have the stamina to finish so they fall by the wayside, they allow the opinions of others to pop their bubble.

They allow stress to sap their will. They say ‘life is too hard’, ‘there are too many obstacles against me’.  They give into fear of failure, or fear of man and worry about what will others think? Ask yourself, When you fall down the stairs or trip, do you go back to the top of the stairs and walk down again?  Of course not!

Do you stay on the ground where you tripped? Our course not! Then why do some people refuse to pick themselves up when they fail academically or socially?


When you make a mistake do you admit your mistake and grow from it or do you cover it over and pretend it did not happen? A person of character acknowledges their mistakes and grows from them. Who would you say showed better character in the race?  The one who fell down and did not finish or the one who fell and picked themselves up and finished the race?

Dont fear failure

Obviously, the one who finishes the race regardless of where they started and regardless of how many times they fell. The lesson?

Never give up in developing your character and achieving your goals.
Never give way to fear because fear is a snare.  It can paralyze your thoughts and actions. Take pride in all the things that you do, regardless of your academic abilities or knucklehead miscues!.
Work to be YOUR best!  Then you will be the VICTOR!