LIFE HAS RULES: Play within the lines

LIFE HAS RULES: Play within the lines.

Games with Lines: Tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Table Tennis, Golf.  What other games can you think of that have rules: Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Shuts and Ladders, Candy Land, Scrabble, Operation, UNO, Battleship, Twister, Pente.

Name ONE game where if you do not play by the RULES where there is no penalty or possibly even disqualification?  There are NONE.  All games have rules or else there would be no real purpose for the game. There would be no challenge.  Without the challenge there would be no reward.

Now apply that to your education.  Name ANY CLASS where you go sit and NOT pay attention, NOT do your homework, NOT read your books, and NOT suffer the consequences.  Sometimes your consequences are immediate by being removed from the classroom.  But the larger consequence is that your entire life is impacted by your ATTITUDE toward your educational efforts.  It will impact your earnings, which in turn impact your housing, your transportation, your clothing, your entertainment, etc., etc.  It also impacts where you can work, what types of work you can obtain, and the bottom line it will impact your BANK ACCOUNT.

Just like all games have boundaries to stay in line and follow their rules, or experience the consequences, the same can be said for all phases of your life.   When you run outside the lines or break the rules you get disqualified from the game.  All Classrooms have boundaries set down by the TEACHER who is the COACH of the classroom.  The Teacher wants you to succeed; because if you succeed the team succeeds (your classroom) it enables them to challenge you with more knowledge because they can create more interesting classroom assignments.  The more academic and character challenges you can overcome the more competitive you will be when it counts!

All of your TEAMMATES (classmates) in each class also benefit because they are all able to hear the lesson and apply the lesson that will enable them to increase their knowledge and learning capacities for new subjects.  It prepares them for the next grade level (next level of competition) because they have learned the basics.

Now apply the same illustration to life after school.

You are driving down the street but NO ONE wants to obey the traffic signs.  People are all driving at different speeds, running red lights, running through stop signs and eventually one of your teammates (CLASSMATES, FAMILY MEMBERS or WORKMATES are killed because someone did NOT follow the rules of driving.)

How would you feel?  Ah, so there is a value in teaching you how to follow rules, teaching you to STAY in your lane, Take your turn, learn patience, learn to share, learn to care for the needs and concerns of others.  All of these simple principles carry a tremendous upside and improve your QUALITY of LIFE.

Therefore who you become is based upon your ability to follow the rules.  Do it from the heart, not out of mere duty but for love of the principle behind the rule.

Best Regards
Ste Brown MS, CEO