How Do I Build and Maintain ‘Good Character’

How do I Build and Maintain ‘Good  Character’

Since no one can look you in the eye and say they have “perfect” character not even Mary Poppins because she is only (PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY as in almost, reasonably, but NOT PERFECT!), then a question our students need to consider is how do I build and maintain good character?  Below are some areas I have seen applied that REALLY WORK!

  • Make it your goal to be the Best You each day:
    Without the desire to want to be the Best you each day then it does not matter how many goals you set because you will never be committed to them.
  • Choose your friends wisely:
    You become the company you keep. Simply ask all of the people who have been in juvenile probation, prison or any other rehabilitation program, the smokers, and alcoholics, druggies, etc.  All of them would tell you if they could make changes in their life they would not smoke, use drugs, hang out with bad associates, etc.
  • Live by higher principles:
    Where do you values originate? Many of us may want to say our parents, grandparents, or other significant person.  But even then we are only talking about specific qualities.  Even our best example will always be lacking.  Therefore, look higher.  Morality is not a concept or product of human will but a higher source.
  • Fortify your strengths and correct your weaknesses:
    By fortifying your strengths they can carry you over until you recover from whatever bad situation you may find yourself in. Take an honest assessment of your weaknesses and seriously commit yourself to correcting them.   A supervisor once said,  ‘if all you have is a hammer, then, everything else is a nail.’  What he was referencing were parents who lacked parenting skills. The only thing you can do with a hammer is hit a nail or pull a nail.  The point he wanted to make was people, ALL people need more skills.  Never stop learning.
  • When you stumble, or fall, or fail in a given area:
    Take an assessment of the situation, seek counsel from mature people and do everything in your power to rectify the situation. You will love yourself for it and you will always be able to have a good-nights-sleep because your conscience is clean.
  • Seek a Mentor:
    Find someone you respect and admire, ask them if they would mind spending some time mentoring you as you go through school, get your first job, get a promotion, or whatever challenges you may be facing.
  • Never Give Up:
    It takes a special internal drive to never give up on yourself. You are your own best critique, marketer, cheer leader, fan club.  Just know when to reign it in so you don’t become obnoxious to your family and friends!.  If you don’t believe in yourself you will have a difficult time accomplishing any of the above.  This does not mean arrogance or haughtiness.  But it is a self -assurance and reliance on your abilities and in your beliefs with proper humility that you are doing the best you can with the situation you may be in.  REMEMBER there is always an end to EVERY BAD SITUATION!  It may not be the way you expected or even wanted.  But I can promise you it will end.

Take a few minutes each day and get yourself a day planner.  Set your goals and get busy accomplishing them.

See you down the road!
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Ste Brown MS, CEO
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