HIGH SCHOOLS RANKINGS – what do they say about YOUR school?

High School Rankings – what do they really say about YOUR school?

As you return to your schools this fall give some thought to High School Rankings.  Ask yourself, where does your school rank in your state or even nationally and WHY is it ranked in that position?

pursue greatest 1

What makes the students in one school differ from the students in another school?  At what point do the differences become excuses for lack of effort and poor character and immaturity?  At what point does THEIR goal to PURSUE GREATNESS motivate their attitude to be the best?

In sports players look at their teammates and their competition to determine, what are their strengths and weaknesses while the coaches drill the players to correct those weaknesses and fortify each players strengths.

So as students ( or players on a team) you have teachers (or coaches for the team) who are trying to get each of you ready to play the game at your highest level.  The game is to earn a living and support yourself as MATURE adults.

As teammates your job is to help your fellow team members get up to speed so that the team (your school) can be successful and have a winning season.

Regardless of what analogy you use sports, music, food or apparel the objective is to the take inventory of what you have, identify your skilled people and teach everyone how to do their very best at each performance.

As we approach the first week of school take pride in your contributions to YOUR schools success.  If your school has a reputation for excellence then by all means continue to build upon that!

But what if your schools reputation is one of discontent, teachers leaving, students not caring,  a reputation for fighting, discordance, poor tests outcomes or lack of school pride?

Dont fear failure

What can you do to change the culture of your school?  Again, what do teams do that went 0-16 for the season?  Did they just give up and decide they did not want to get better?  Of Course NOT!  They took inventory from the previous season and decided that they wanted to be better.  They had enough PERSONAL PRIDE to make the effort!

greatness 3

The rookies are now second year players and each player has matured and grown and studied their play book so they can execute the game plan flawlessly.  This year each of you have gotten one year older and moved to the next grade level.  Did your emotional and social maturity grow as well?  Or are you still acting like you are in kindergarten and learning how to follow rules, listen in class, share with your classmates, and treat others with respect?


How well you do and how well your school does really comes down to each person taking pride in their own outcomes.  The only thing you control in the process, are the decisions you make. If each individual recognizes their character is more important than their academic prowess they will contribute to overall success and ranking of their school.  A by-product of good character is a good environment where teachers and students can flourish and grow together.  Imagine waking up everyday and saying, “I can’t wait to get to school today.”

It is your choice!  Pursue Virtue, Pursue Valor, You will be the Victor!

Now apply that to YOURSELF!  How can you mature to help your team (your school) get better?

What does your attitude say about your character?   You have the right and the ability to change, improve, grow, mature, and become the best you regardless of what others may say.

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Steve Brown MS, CEO