COVID and the aftermath

If Love is the fulfillment of the law what does the behavior of individuals say when they violate the rights of others?


COVID19 was NOT an accident. It was deliberate and it was part of large scale effort between multiple companies or even countries to restart the worlds economy. That’s my opinion and and I am sticking to it.

At first they wanted you to believe it was just going to impact seniors, then our youth begin to get infected. So whats the next shoe to fall? We started seeing people being exposed to the virus who were never around a carrier. Now the latest is can those people who are not positive can be carriers of the disease? Can an asymptomatic person spread the virus?
I think its safe to say they can. But they will not be able to verify that just yet.

As of Thursday June 11, 2020 we have 7.3 million cases. According to some of my research I expect upwards of 1.95 billion deaths by disease, famine and other catastrophes. Lets revisit that issue about 12 months from now and see where we are at.

People cannot defend themselves against things they do not believe exist or cannot see. Simply look at the pandemic….. You sill have individuals in denial about its potency despite the statistical data that says it is a tricky little bug.


Well did you learning anything about character after watching all of the news casts? It is nice to see the blog has real validity. We not only saw it during the pandemic protests but especially during Mr. Floyds murder. What a tragedy for something like that to happen for any reason. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

I tend to think that what has transpired and played out on televisions and news casts around the world is NOT really new. History has shown this type of conduct has been going on for centuries. But….is this the straw that finally breaks the proverbial camels back? Has something inside the human spirit been awakened? Are people finally fed up with injustice and hatred and discrimination and the hypocrisy of the ruling parties so much that they just want a better government?

Granted their emotions ran wild with the destruction of property, and destroying property within the communities of color does not solve the problem because they added to the unemployment problem within their communities which is a double whammy. I do not understand that line of thinking.

I do see a historical pattern here! Mans anger never works out for the good. There are always negative consequences. Granted, it does draw attention to the issues they wanted to raise about police brutality and white privilege and it is unfortunate it takes such extremes to get people out of their comfort zone to have a civil conversation that can bring about real change. But the issues are being discussed and hopefully we will see “some” changes in hiring practices and more humane treatment across society in general. I will not be holding my breath for any major systemic changes simply because history has proven do not have the capacity to rule themselves.

Trying to rule by fear only works if people choose to be afraid. Give that some thought. The next time you see police brutality send out a tweet for a MOB RESPONSE. Have everyone get to that location as quickly as they can and demand the officers use their voices first and their guns and tasers as only a last resort. If that does not work, take their guns and put them in their own handcuffs, take them to their precinct station and make a citizens arrest for excessive force and brutality. When police need to be policed they should no longer be required to wear the badge. What do you think the government and local politicians would think about that?

The COVI19 situation only made their experience more challenging due to the social distancing rules that were put in place. It remains to be seen what the numbers will be like over the next 30 days since the demonstrations are essentially over and return to work orders have been put in place. I don’t know about you but this has been an interesting study in human behavior. Why is it some people can eloquently state their position and get results why others are heard or simply taken for granted due to the color of their skin? That is the real question that is being indirectly addressed with the Floyd murder trials.

The Minneapolis police department as well as departments across the country were are on display for the WORLD to see. The question is not who they are. But why did they want to become police officers in the first place. Who hired them? What type of psychological exam did they take and who passed them as psychologically fit for the position in the first place? Shouldn’t those individuals also be on trial?

There is NO job where CHARACTER does not comes into play. It was on display from the White House to the outhouse. People were expressing themselves in all forms and fashion, words, dress, signage, you name it they were using it. Many people were asking why did it take so long for the police to take a knee and acknowledge the outrage of the public? When do humans start acting like humans and not like animals? When can dialogue become the only solution to all problems?

We all know you CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY under human rulership. That has been a fiasco for the past 6,000 years. Simply look at Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and now the Anglo-American Duel world powers to name just a few.

Change starts in the heart. Love will always be the fulfillment of the law and love will always win out over hatred. But we cannot force people to love anything or anyone. That is why we are all free moral agents. We have been the God given right to choose who and what we want to be.
How we want to live, etc.

The solution starts with YOU. Each individual must decide to allow a higher standard to dictate their morality. Remember, when you were told NOBODY IS PERFECT? So what did you say to yourself….Well since nobody is perfect who cares what I do or say or think. Wrong answer!

Perfection was the standard over 6,000 years ago. It is still the standard today. So lets make the effort to reach perfection. Cultivate, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Good, Faith, Mildness, Self-Control in all things.
While you at it add Chasteness, Contentment, Virtue, Endurance, Obedience, Humility, Righteousness and Loyalty.

If you can apply those qualities in your daily you will not only become a better version of yourself but you will also, have better friends.

Be the change. Be the best you possible.
Ste Brown MS CEO

Why do schools get the blame for poor student performance? Part II

NO ONE reading this article can tell me that is good behavior or that the school made them into who they are today. Which Minneapolis public schools did they attend? Do you want to blame the school for their behavior? Of course not! Then stop blaming the school for your students behavior in the classroom.

MPS admits to disastrous outcomes for Black students

The proof is in the pudding.

Now were are all going to call upon our common sense and look back on what we have seen and learned during our brief tour in the universe.

Question: Why do some students who have learning disabilities graduate from school without any hiccups or behavior problems and others have multiple behavior issues? Is it because one persons learning deficiencies are less than their counterpart or is it simply behavior?

Question: Why do the MAJORITY of students who have no learning disabilities manage to get through school without all of the drama? Were that all straight “A” students? Not hardly. But what they all had in common was common sense. They want to treat others they way they want to be treated, and they want to be the best version of themselves they can reasonably be in their present condition.

I think it is safe to say it is always behavior is the determining factor in both instances. One student chooses to not let anything or anyone get in the way of her or his education while the other student looks to blame anyone or anything for their failures.

Schools do not determine the movies or shows your students watch that shapes their thinking or attitudes.
Schools do not determine what language is used in the household.
Schools do not determine what manners or lack there of are displayed in the household.
Schools do not prepare students to “Enter School”!
Schools do not teach students to respect themselves, have good self-esteem, or positive self-image. Those are basic building blocks to good character that should be taught at home.
Schools are not psychiatric institutions.
Schools are not penitentiaries.
Schools do not determine the parental qualifications of who should or should not be parents.
Schools do not determine the income of the students entering school.
Schools do not determine the nutrition of students entering school.

So in conclusion Black Parents who have students who are failing need to place the blame squarely on their own shoulders and please, please, please, stop making excuses for your students failures.

Final thoughts on this subject.
What are we seeing on our streets today? People are being robbed, beaten, kicked in BROAD DAYLIGHT IN DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS.
Now, lets ask the obvious. Who are THEIR PARENTS and WHERE are their parents. NO ONE reading this article can tell me that is good behavior or that the school made them into who they are today. Which Minneapolis public schools did they attend? Do you want to blame the school for their behavior? Of course not! Then stop blaming the school for your students behavior in the classroom.

Lets face it, at some point everyone must be accountable to themselves for the things they say or do. Regardless of age, race, creed or color. We all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Do you know the original standard for mankind was perfection? Did you know that standard has not changed? Did you know mankind will return to perfection in the very near future? NO JOKE! Its coming.

My next article will deal with that subject.


part deux

Following hot on the heals of my recent 3 article series I wanted to be sure to complete this next article why the thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

When it comes to education the buck starts and stops with the home front. So parents listen up! When I hear parents say the teacher failed their student or the school failed their student I have to pause and ask myself some questions.

Things that make you say…………………………..hmmmmmmmmm!

Did the parent ever call each teacher to ask how their son or daughter is doing in that particular classroom?
Did the parent ever attend a parent teacher conference?
Did they attend ALL of the parent teacher conferences?
Did they ask to meet with the teacher and their students?
Did the parent ever walk in on their student unexpectedly and observe their behavior? (obviously, with the principals approval)
If recommendations were provided by the district did the parent follow them?

Did the parent ask their student how they were doing?
Do you have any homework?
Did you get your homework done? Let me see it!
What classes do you have this semester?
Who are your teachers?
Where are your books?
What are your school assignments for this week?
Can I help you with your homework assignments?

So after asking these questions, then we would determine a plan of action to make sure each parent is FULLY engaged in their son or daughters educational process.

If the parent did all of these things and their son or daughter still did not perform well, then we know it is not the fault of the parent or the school.
The student needs other intervention that the school cannot provide and should be referred to a different program.

Remember, be the BEST you possible each day!



Can you see how one path is getting
darker while the other path is getting lighter?
Which path will you take?

As the weeks wind down to the end of summer it would be wise to ask yourself how did you spend the past 6 weeks?  What did you learn about yourself that can help you be the best you possible?

Simple yet profound questions.  Whatever your answer there will be a consequence.  Consider, if you make the wrong conclusions about what you have learned you are bound to stumble and fall with potentially serious consequences.

However, if you come up with the right conclusions on what you have learned then you will know doubt grow by leaps and bounds.  Remember, to seek out counsel from WISE people.  People who REALLY want you to succeed.  Be forewarned that just because a person smiles at you and says nice things does not mean they like you or have your best interests at heart.

There are many people looking to take what you have earned and sabotage your works out of envy or jealousy.  We defined the differences between those two words in previous discussions.

So, STOP……REFLECT…….MEDITATE ……and ask the questions on who, what, where, how, why, when, to fully dig deep into your inner most person.

You may or may not like what you see.  But that is all part of the growing up process from adolescents to adulthood.   To quote my Aunt Susie you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that “the world is going to hell in hand basket”.  But when you think about it and look around and watch the news and do some deep research you will come to the same conclusion.  Everybody is just tra la la la laing all the way to the grave.

So this is not Johnny Rain Cloud, trying to dampen your dreams!  This is Mr. Sunshine trying to help you push those dark clouds away.

You have half the summer left to do some real growing.  Be courteous to everyone.  Be thankful for the beautiful sunsets that are painted for us each evening.  Be grateful that our creator made us so we do not get tired of seeing blue sky and green grass.  When is the last time you woke up and said, Oh, I am tired of a Blue Sky and Green Grass?  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Its summer, we all look forward to this every year.

So enjoy…… and always remember to BE THE BEST YOU.

Ste Brown MS

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I pledge not to make excuses, or blame others for my academic failures.  I pledge to spread the message about the importance of character and its impact on education. I pledge to follow the motto of the UniversityofBandz to BE THE BEST YOU possible. 

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Greetings From the CEO


We are proud to announce our new campaign for 2016-02018.|

Do you need to be perfect to have self-respect, respect for others, and principled love of people in general? NO! But people of GOOD Character do it out of principle and in spite of varying personality differences and quirks. Look around you. You cannot hide kindness, good will, mildness, peaceableness, patience and self-control and other virtues. If we are honest with ourselves who would you rather spend YOUR time with, the loud mouth bossy person who has no respect for anything or anyone or the mild, kind, patient person?

How would you rather be defined by your classmates or remembered after graduation? CHARACTER is more important than your diploma. Your diploma only says what your proficiency and deficiency are in a given subject matter. But your CHARACTER says who and what you are at your core. Your CHARACTER speaks louder than any diploma or awards could ever speak.

One of my former associates who holds two PhD’s and is a clinical psychologist once said you cannot hide intelligence. I would add you cannot hide good character!

So what can you do if you have graduated and you did not do your best?  Simple… remedial classes, get a tutor, work on those deficiencies until you reach your Maximum Educational  Improvement (MEI). Maybe your best is only 8th or 9th grade while someone else may be a post doctorate level.  The point is to reach your maximum level of academic improvement and not compare yourself to others.  Good Character will allow you to find contentment with your achievements.

Maybe you damaged your character along the road; does that mean it has to remain that way?  Not at all! The human species has the power to grow beyond mistakes, words and definitions and negative opinions.  You have the ability to grow, change your direction and point of view, all of which means you can choose to change your character.  Notice how the operative suggestion is choose to change?  So what you choose to become is really up to you!

The next time you go to class ask yourself, can you listen respectfully, without interruption? Can you participate in the class, read your books and do your homework? Can you treat your teacher and students with respect? It will not be your academic skills that determine your choice. It will be your character on display.  We can hide our diplomas, our transcripts and school work, but our Character is ALWAYS ON DISPLAY!

How we think, speak, act, dress, and how we treat people, is not based upon any academic proficiency, but on our character! People of good character turn lemons into lemonade, rain into showers, and mud into pies.  They find the silver lining, see the positive and pursue it! They do not waste their time on negative things and do not let others negative attitudes rain on their day. There is a resilience to forge ahead and do their best no matter what the odds may be.
Is that your determination?

When a person repeatedly speaks to hurt, behaves in a manner to inflict pain and suffering, bully, intimidate, lie, cheat, steal, frame by degree, treat people differently because  of race, culture, ethnicity, etc.  Then it is safe to say that individual needs a character readjustment.  It does not matter their age, race, religion or gender.  If they act in any of the above ways we would all agree that they have some serious personality flaws that need to be corrected! We can also say their character is a reflection on their upbringing.

Unfortunately, the majority of people DO NOT change their character.  This is evident in the level of corruption at all levels of our society.  Our governments, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, the entire world system is plagued with dishonesty and lack of integrity. Simply look at police brutality, racism, terrorism, immigration laws, illegal experimenting of US citizens with neural chips and Nano tech, corrupt judges, attorneys, bad priest, murders, increase in suicides, ad nauseam.

So…..each of you have a decision to make.  What type of student will you be?  What type of citizen will you become?  Do you really want to “be the BEST you” possible?  If that is your wish you have our support and best wishes.  We encourage you to wear our 3V apparel and caps and spread the word that GOOD CHARACTER is the key to academic success!
Support our Character 1st Challenge

Ste Brown MS, CEO