Resources on School Violence from FBI website

Campus Security, Gun Violence at School, Crime Doctor

As we can see from the above list there are many services and programs that are out there.  But no ONE service or ONE solution will always work 100% of the time.  As a result we believe our Character First Initiative takes a look at school violence and school bullying from the core.
It all comes back to what is in the heart of each of our young people.Just as Janet Ellison says there is no gene for prejudice, or bigotry or racism.  I would add there is no gene that says people are destined to fail.
Each person is a free moral agent given the right to choose.  Once we can instill that knowledge into our students and help them fully understand each choice has positive or negative consequences then we can began to see a reduction in school violence.

Remember to speak with each of your children about the importance of developing and maintaining GOOD Character and encourage each of them to Be the BEST You.

Ste Brown MS, CEO
Universityofbandz LLC