Wow, summer has really gone by fast.  How did you spend your time?  Did you learn anything about yourself?  Feel free to share your summer experiences through our email. If you want us to post it please clearly state that in print.

Remember, Character is your number one transferable skill.  With that said, have you been working to improve your character?  Since we are ALL a work in progress, it is safe to say that Character Development is an ONGOING process that will never end.  Give that some thought.  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Mildness, Self-Control, Chasteness, Contentment, Loyalty, Obedience, Graciousness are outstanding qualities to have.  No doubt we would all enjoy being with someone who could consistently demonstrated those qualities.
But that person does not exist……….today.

Remember, to look at YOUR character. Not your siblings or classmates, but YOURS!

While you are pondering the above information, consider students make decision in life that they often regret as they get older.  Example, TATTOOS!  They may look nice at the moment.  But what happens when you want to go to a special/important event and the boss is looking for someone with GOOD CHARACTER to lead the team or run an expansion office?  What will your TATTOO say about your CHARACTER?!

Consider the following link

“Here’s another way to spot strong feelings of tattoo remorse: laser removals. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were 45,224 procedures for tattoo removal in the United States last year — almost three-quarters of which were performed on women. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the age breakdown here echoes the age breakdown above — more than half of laser removals last year were for individuals ages 19 to 34. But there were also 261 tattoo removals on people 18 and younger (instant regrets, perhaps?) and 424 procedures to remove tattoos from people 65 and older (long-term ones?).”

So before you decide to spend your money on a tattoo that you may later regret consider putting that money toward a CD, or life insurance policy, or even putting it in a savings account.

But if you MUST have a tattoo…. find a service or product that gives you the option to wash it off if you decide you do not like it.  Live with a temporary tattoo for a few weeks then decide if you want to make it permanent after you have considered how you will look later in life.  Visualize yourself in all types of situations and at all stages of life such as students, parents, grandparents, employees, employers, etc.

Then ask yourself what will that tattoo say about your judgement in each of those phases of life. Just because something is popular does not make it a good thing!  Just because everyone else is doing it or all of my friends are doing does not mean its the right thing to do!

Well that should get your juices flowing!  If you have been vegging out for the summer its time to get your BRAIN in gear.  Think everyday!  Do something challenging everyday!  Enjoy meeting new people and getting to understand their perspective.  I did NOT say you have to agree with their perspective only understand it.  Once you can do that then you can began to formulate your own thoughts on the subject in the future.

Also, remember, if all you have is a hammer…everything else is a nail.
All you can do his hit it!  What does that mean?  It means you need to expand your mind with MORE WORDS, MORE IDEAS, HIGHER PRINCIPLES, MORE KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, DISCERNMENT, INSIGHT, THINKING ABILITY.

When you become an INDEPENDENT THINKER you will not be intimidated by others who think differently.  You will be able to calmly present your counter points fluidly, without hesitation or reservation because you will have done your due diligence on the subject at hand before putting your mouth in gear.

The clock is counting down to the beginning of another school year.  Let this be your best year to date by making an effort to be the BEST YOU possible!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes – they can correct their judgement, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily and seem to be oblivious to the feelings of others.  Want proof, simply look at your peers, community and government.

If you think the information in this blog has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends.

Steve Brown MS, CEO