A caterpillar can become a butterfly but a butterfly cannot become a caterpillar.  For YOU to be the BEST you, YOU must change your inner-self to the very core.

Full Definition of metamorphosis
plural metamorphoses

  1. 1 a : change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means b :  a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances

As you go through your school years you will notice a physical change occurring as you grow in height, weight, and width.  You will see your hands and feet get larger and some very large sneakers will be squeaking across the floors soon.

But, more importantly than the physical growth, is your mental awareness. The world becomes smaller in scale as you understand concepts and comparisons. Your vocabulary will grow and you will learn basic facts about your environment and the world you live in.

Unfortunately, one area that tends to be neglected is the inner person, the core values of who and what you are.  Since there is no gene code for racism, hatred, prejudice or discrimination, nor a gene code that says you are going to be a bad person or good person, then you must understand that all of the decisions that you have made and will make are a matter of CHOICE.  It is imperative you understand the choices you make will determine your character!

Understand that Character is a fluid thingIt can and will change.  Simply look at our prison systems and see all of the individuals who have changed their character to become contributing members of our communities.  Or people who decided to pursue a higher calling and made the changes needed to be acceptable to their particular beliefs.  Now compare that with your immediate environment and see the hypocrisy and lack of character in our policeman, politicians, commissioners, bankers, priests, gang-stalkers, etc.  They give the appearance of being ethical and moral when in fact they are just the opposite.

Since no one today is perfect…..(i.e. walking on water and feeding the masses with a few loaves of bread and a few fish)…..then it is safe to say we all have room for growth.

Ever wonder what is perfect love or perfect joy or peace ? How about perfect kindness, goodness, patience, mildness, self-control? Do you think it would be a great adventure to pursue those illusive qualities?  To never say an unkind word, or never do anything that would harm another individual, never steal something that is not rightfully yours, be it of a physical or non-physical nature (mind control through microwaves); This is the real adventure!  Traveling into space and diving to the bottom of the ocean have been done.  But NO ONE has been able to bridle their tongue. No one has gone through a day without making one mistake in WORD, THOUGHT OR DEED!

Think about that!  NO ONE!

Now what will your goal be today?  A the above virtues quality worth pursuing?  Or will you simply give in and quit because you think it is too hard? Not practical! Yawn!  Boring!  Whatever! Try to live this way for 24 hours and see how close you come to the goal.  Then try 48 hours, 72 hours, and so forth.

You will soon see, just how difficult this really is, but you will understand why it is important enough to make the effort because you will actually like what YOU see and hear! Then watch your friends and family look at you in amazement for your emotional maturity and positive character.
I think SPOK would agree this is the real final frontier!  Live Long and Prosper!

Ste Brown MS, CEO