Beware of the enemy within


As you approach your midterms and applying yourself to your studies…..(you are applying yourself to your studies…right?) then no doubt you are beginning to see the areas to you need to improve upon, as well as beginning to see the behaviors of your fellow students and even of yourself.

So what are your observations about what you see?  Did anyone grow up emotionally, psychologically, mentally, so that they seem more mature in their mannerisms or communication style?  Ever wonder why our physical changes take place faster than our emotional and psychological development during our school years?  Do you see room for improvement in any area?  I hope so!  Since none of us have a corner on the market in perfection then there is plenty of room to improve our character.

When you walked down the hallways and sat in the lunch room, did you see respectful people having a quiet conversation? How many positive traits could you see?  Did they outweigh the negative traits or vice versa?
Don’t forget to do a self-analysis on your own growth.

REMEMBER: Ego is your enemy

Consider the following definition:
Egotist – an unhealthy belief in our own importance; the notion of ourselves that distorts reality.  

As we grow physically and emotionally there is a tendency to become a little bit too self-assured of ourselves.  So how do we balance that.  By having a balanced view of ourselves we will not think too little or too much.  Isn’t that what you visualize in your mind’s eye when we see a teeter totter?  No too heavy on either end but balancing just enough to have a little motion to it?

If we have the right view of ourselves we have a sound mind.  If we have an unbalanced view of ourselves then we have an UNSOUND MIND.


Give that some thought.  You may have peers who are so low in their self-esteem, mentally assaulting themselves with negative scripts daily that they cannot function without medications or complete school assignments or maintain the simplest of relationships. We would all say this is not healthy and it isn’t.  But we can also conclude that they have an unsound mind and it needs to be balanced.

On the other hand if we think too much of ourselves we tend to think that is more acceptable than thinking too less of ourselves. But consider, the individuals who think too much of themselves also have an unsound mind.

Look around your schools, they could be administrators, teachers, coaches, athletes and others who really think they can do no wrong and that everything they say and do is acceptable regardless of who it hurts, or regardless of who is injured in the process.

Their pushiness, or disrespectful nature may turn students off, it can poison the work environment, because they are unwilling to listen to others, only insisting on their way of thinking.

Hmmm…if my history serves me well I believe there was a little lad by the name of Adolf aka, Ol’ Scramble brains, who had over inflated opinion of his self-importance and ideologies. How did that turn out for him?!


A sound mind listens and learns.  A sound mind understands the importance of continued growth and maturity.  A sound mind does not harm others! A sound mind does not retaliate if threatened or disrespected!  A sound mind is caring, kind, loving, patient, mild in temper, peaceable, and looks for the good even in the most trying situations.

It does not mean that they do not feel the pain of the insults or that they do not understand the gravity of a situation.  But they have reasoned that any negative emotions are not going to change the situation or make it any better.  A sound mind is yielding, but it is not weak.

We have a tendency to become unbalanced and our culture lends itself to being unbalanced.  Simply look at our social media sites.  How many of those followers have you actually met, sat down and discussed viewpoints in religion, politics and taxes?  Humility will help us to see that others are really not as interested in our accomplishment as we are?

It has been said that self-worth is realizing you have value.
Self-importance is when you want others to know you have value!

My friend Paul once said, Knowledge puffs up but love builds up.
It is not enough to be a student at the beginning.  We must be learners for life.  It is impossible to learn what one thinks he already knows. 
The second we tell ourselves we have graduated or “we have arrived” then learning grinds to a halt.  That applies in our emotional and psychological development as much as it does for any other subject matter.

A good mind is a fine asset but it can become a weakness if over confidence causes us to develop an over inflated opinion of ourselves.
If you become proficient in a subject matter or a sport you may find that people compliment or praise you excessively!  And when that happens try to remember this:  “A smart man only believes half of what people say about him.  A wise man knows which half to believe!”

A wise man treasures up knowledge, he knows how to access it when it is most needed.  But a wise man does not just let the knowledge go to his head, he also lets it go to his heart.  Applied wisdom NEVER causes harm to self or others.

Learn how you can serve others in a meaningful way.  Volunteer your time, energy and or resources to programs that can make a difference in the lives of others.  Service requires that we empty ourselves in behalf of others.  We cannot empty ourselves if we are FULL OF OURSELVES!

Your volunteer service should not be done so you can LOOK GOOD, but be heartfelt in providing support so that others can be good!  Strive to be selfless not selfish!

“Having Authority  is not necessarily the same as being an authority”
“Having the Right is  not necessarily the same as being right”
“Impressing people is different than being truly impressive”

Make it your goal to be the BEST you possible.

Steve Brown is the CEO of the and he writes blogs on the importance of developing, maintaining and repairing character.  He recognizes, Good People can do some very stupid things in life, but they learn from those mistakes and grow from those mistakes.  He also understands, Bad People can do good things on occasion, but their primary motive is with evil intent. They literally practice their badness daily.  Want proof?  Simply look at your associates.

Steve Brown MS, CEO
UniversityofBandz, LLC