No doubt  over the summer you have read accounts of crimes and violence in your communities and sadly some of you may have been victimized by losing a loved one or having one of your loved ones go to prison or detention or some other form of treatment.  This is important because people feel despair and it can have an adverse effect on their education.

With that said I went out to find a program that I felt really works on an international level. You may not necessarily agree with their methods, or their ideology, but one thing you cannot deny is how each person feels about themselves and how their lives have been improved after participating in this prison ministry.

The following videos are also helpful as an intervention to help students to STOP and THINK before they do something that can land them behind bars.  I encourage everyone, parents, administrators and of course students to look at a prison ministry that is having great success around the world.  Enjoy the videos.





Well how do you feel after watching those videos?  Were they uplifting? Did they give you hope for your loved one?  If so please share them with your family, friends, classmates and more.  Each of these men recognized they could not continue to live a life of recklessness and destruction.  They made a choice!  Choice is powerful.  We can continue to walk a course of self-destruction and be irresponsible or we can CHOOSE to be the BEST version of ourselves as possible.

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes – they can correct their judgement, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily and seem to be oblivious to the feelings of others.  Want proof, simply look at your peers, community and government.

If you think the information in this blog has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends.

Steve Brown MS, CEO