COVID and the aftermath

If Love is the fulfillment of the law what does the behavior of individuals say when they violate the rights of others?


COVID19 was NOT an accident. It was deliberate and it was part of large scale effort between multiple companies or even countries to restart the worlds economy. That’s my opinion and and I am sticking to it.

At first they wanted you to believe it was just going to impact seniors, then our youth begin to get infected. So whats the next shoe to fall? We started seeing people being exposed to the virus who were never around a carrier. Now the latest is can those people who are not positive can be carriers of the disease? Can an asymptomatic person spread the virus?
I think its safe to say they can. But they will not be able to verify that just yet.

As of Thursday June 11, 2020 we have 7.3 million cases. According to some of my research I expect upwards of 1.95 billion deaths by disease, famine and other catastrophes. Lets revisit that issue about 12 months from now and see where we are at.

People cannot defend themselves against things they do not believe exist or cannot see. Simply look at the pandemic….. You sill have individuals in denial about its potency despite the statistical data that says it is a tricky little bug.


Well did you learning anything about character after watching all of the news casts? It is nice to see the blog has real validity. We not only saw it during the pandemic protests but especially during Mr. Floyds murder. What a tragedy for something like that to happen for any reason. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

I tend to think that what has transpired and played out on televisions and news casts around the world is NOT really new. History has shown this type of conduct has been going on for centuries. But….is this the straw that finally breaks the proverbial camels back? Has something inside the human spirit been awakened? Are people finally fed up with injustice and hatred and discrimination and the hypocrisy of the ruling parties so much that they just want a better government?

Granted their emotions ran wild with the destruction of property, and destroying property within the communities of color does not solve the problem because they added to the unemployment problem within their communities which is a double whammy. I do not understand that line of thinking.

I do see a historical pattern here! Mans anger never works out for the good. There are always negative consequences. Granted, it does draw attention to the issues they wanted to raise about police brutality and white privilege and it is unfortunate it takes such extremes to get people out of their comfort zone to have a civil conversation that can bring about real change. But the issues are being discussed and hopefully we will see “some” changes in hiring practices and more humane treatment across society in general. I will not be holding my breath for any major systemic changes simply because history has proven do not have the capacity to rule themselves.

Trying to rule by fear only works if people choose to be afraid. Give that some thought. The next time you see police brutality send out a tweet for a MOB RESPONSE. Have everyone get to that location as quickly as they can and demand the officers use their voices first and their guns and tasers as only a last resort. If that does not work, take their guns and put them in their own handcuffs, take them to their precinct station and make a citizens arrest for excessive force and brutality. When police need to be policed they should no longer be required to wear the badge. What do you think the government and local politicians would think about that?

The COVI19 situation only made their experience more challenging due to the social distancing rules that were put in place. It remains to be seen what the numbers will be like over the next 30 days since the demonstrations are essentially over and return to work orders have been put in place. I don’t know about you but this has been an interesting study in human behavior. Why is it some people can eloquently state their position and get results why others are heard or simply taken for granted due to the color of their skin? That is the real question that is being indirectly addressed with the Floyd murder trials.

The Minneapolis police department as well as departments across the country were are on display for the WORLD to see. The question is not who they are. But why did they want to become police officers in the first place. Who hired them? What type of psychological exam did they take and who passed them as psychologically fit for the position in the first place? Shouldn’t those individuals also be on trial?

There is NO job where CHARACTER does not comes into play. It was on display from the White House to the outhouse. People were expressing themselves in all forms and fashion, words, dress, signage, you name it they were using it. Many people were asking why did it take so long for the police to take a knee and acknowledge the outrage of the public? When do humans start acting like humans and not like animals? When can dialogue become the only solution to all problems?

We all know you CANNOT LEGISLATE MORALITY under human rulership. That has been a fiasco for the past 6,000 years. Simply look at Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and now the Anglo-American Duel world powers to name just a few.

Change starts in the heart. Love will always be the fulfillment of the law and love will always win out over hatred. But we cannot force people to love anything or anyone. That is why we are all free moral agents. We have been the God given right to choose who and what we want to be.
How we want to live, etc.

The solution starts with YOU. Each individual must decide to allow a higher standard to dictate their morality. Remember, when you were told NOBODY IS PERFECT? So what did you say to yourself….Well since nobody is perfect who cares what I do or say or think. Wrong answer!

Perfection was the standard over 6,000 years ago. It is still the standard today. So lets make the effort to reach perfection. Cultivate, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Good, Faith, Mildness, Self-Control in all things.
While you at it add Chasteness, Contentment, Virtue, Endurance, Obedience, Humility, Righteousness and Loyalty.

If you can apply those qualities in your daily you will not only become a better version of yourself but you will also, have better friends.

Be the change. Be the best you possible.
Ste Brown MS CEO

Why do schools get the blame for poor student performance? Part II

NO ONE reading this article can tell me that is good behavior or that the school made them into who they are today. Which Minneapolis public schools did they attend? Do you want to blame the school for their behavior? Of course not! Then stop blaming the school for your students behavior in the classroom.

MPS admits to disastrous outcomes for Black students

The proof is in the pudding.

Now were are all going to call upon our common sense and look back on what we have seen and learned during our brief tour in the universe.

Question: Why do some students who have learning disabilities graduate from school without any hiccups or behavior problems and others have multiple behavior issues? Is it because one persons learning deficiencies are less than their counterpart or is it simply behavior?

Question: Why do the MAJORITY of students who have no learning disabilities manage to get through school without all of the drama? Were that all straight “A” students? Not hardly. But what they all had in common was common sense. They want to treat others they way they want to be treated, and they want to be the best version of themselves they can reasonably be in their present condition.

I think it is safe to say it is always behavior is the determining factor in both instances. One student chooses to not let anything or anyone get in the way of her or his education while the other student looks to blame anyone or anything for their failures.

Schools do not determine the movies or shows your students watch that shapes their thinking or attitudes.
Schools do not determine what language is used in the household.
Schools do not determine what manners or lack there of are displayed in the household.
Schools do not prepare students to “Enter School”!
Schools do not teach students to respect themselves, have good self-esteem, or positive self-image. Those are basic building blocks to good character that should be taught at home.
Schools are not psychiatric institutions.
Schools are not penitentiaries.
Schools do not determine the parental qualifications of who should or should not be parents.
Schools do not determine the income of the students entering school.
Schools do not determine the nutrition of students entering school.

So in conclusion Black Parents who have students who are failing need to place the blame squarely on their own shoulders and please, please, please, stop making excuses for your students failures.

Final thoughts on this subject.
What are we seeing on our streets today? People are being robbed, beaten, kicked in BROAD DAYLIGHT IN DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS.
Now, lets ask the obvious. Who are THEIR PARENTS and WHERE are their parents. NO ONE reading this article can tell me that is good behavior or that the school made them into who they are today. Which Minneapolis public schools did they attend? Do you want to blame the school for their behavior? Of course not! Then stop blaming the school for your students behavior in the classroom.

Lets face it, at some point everyone must be accountable to themselves for the things they say or do. Regardless of age, race, creed or color. We all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Do you know the original standard for mankind was perfection? Did you know that standard has not changed? Did you know mankind will return to perfection in the very near future? NO JOKE! Its coming.

My next article will deal with that subject.

Why do schools get the blame for poor student performance?

According to the district’s statistics, 23%, or fewer than one in four students of color, were proficient in math, while three out of four White children met the basic standards indicating math proficiency. Even more astounding, only 28% of students of color were proficient in reading, while nearly 79% of White students were reading at expected grade level.

Please read the above report from the Minneapolis Public Schools. Below is an excerpt from the findings

“When the MPS announced last fall it was going to attempt to make educational outcomes more equitable for Black students and students of color as part of its yet-to-be-unveiled Comprehensive Plan, it simultaneously exposed a level of failure on the part of the students that was both stunning and frightening.

According to the district’s statistics, 23%, or fewer than one in four students of color, were proficient in math, while three out of four White children met the basic standards indicating math proficiency. Even more astounding, only 28% of students of color were proficient in reading, while nearly 79% of White students were reading at expected grade level.

In other words, the statistics indicate that only one child of color out of four attending school in the Minneapolis Public Schools District can read!

The graduation rates were just as racially disparate: While 87% of White kids graduated from MPS last year, only 62% of non-White students graduated after four years of high school. The numbers for those who took six years were just as disproportionate.”

With that said, who is to blame for the students failures? Not the schools, but the parents. It is the BEHAVIOR of the students that is interfering with their learning. NOT THEIR ACADEMIC SKILLS! If parents were able to SEE and HEAR their students while they are in school, how many of them would actually care how their children behave or treat others? Fair question. If the parents do not TEACH THEIR OWN CHILDREN good manners, respecting others, self-respect, build self-esteem, encourage good self-image, tell their student to do the best they can do no matter what their best may be, then that student will never be good at anything! They will always self destruct or blame others for their failures.

Stop blaming teachers and administrators for bad behavior and poor parenting! Parents need to have higher expectations and incorporate those qualities into their students. If the parents don’t have expectations of good behavior then the student will not either. Also, if you have a parent who cannot read or do math or has low academic proficiency then that student cannot receive the help she or he needs in the home. If the parent suffers from self-hatred, low self-esteem, poor self-image, then that is going to rub off on the students and you have a downward spiral that cannot be stopped.

So parents need to take ownership of their own childs BEHAVIOR. Correct the behavior and I will guarantee higher educational outcomes! Students who actually sit up straight in their chairs and listen to the teacher and actively participate in class, do their homework, ask for help when needed, focus on the goal of each class, do much better than students who play their IPODs, talk, draw pictures, or behave like a caged animal in the classroom. We have all heard of the illustration of the sponge….whatever we put the sponge in, it will soak it up. Hmmmm, parents what kind of home did you create for your children? If a students language is filthy then their minds are filthy and the environment where they are growing up is filthy! If their minds are filthy then their behavior tends to lean in the direction as well. Would you not agree? The reverse can be said, if their environment is clean, free of foul, language, love is genuine in the home, communication levels are always calm, and kind and self-controlled, then we marvel at the behavior of that student.

Now what do we typically conclude about those two examples? When a students behavior is just off the rails don’t we typically ask, where are his parents? Why aren’t they correcting their child? Man, their house must be a mess! Come on now, tell the truth, you know we all make those judgements. When we see the mannerable student we typically say the opposite. Well, he certainly comes from a nice family! Wasn’t he or she mannerable? They must have some really fine parents good people in their life.

End of part I

Financial Education Part I – Get Ready for the world of work

What is the purpose of my education?

As this school year winds down, you are no doubt experiencing some anxiety about what you will do. However, if you were planning to graduate and thinking about your future, then your level of anxiety should be manageable.

Here is the point of the matter.  When you actually graduate…….guess what?……… will have to seek employment and most of you will NOT get three months off each year unless you plan on going to college to get a teaching degree.  So what to do, what to do?  Hmmmm!

Make the most of those educational years while you can
Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of my education?  Is it to learn social skills and some basic academics so you can get an entry level job at some fast food place or local business establishment where you can work a cash register, stock some shelves, drive a truck, get a construction job, or something like that?  Most graduates will fall into that category.  However, if you choose to EXCEL in your BASIC education then you can consider looking at higher education as a viable option.

College may not be the path for you.  You may choose a specialty school, such as IT.  Remember the age old question our parents and grandparents would ask us….Soooo, what do you want to be when you grow up?  Hopefully, you thought of that long before your senior year.
Or are you planning to be like to rest of the students out there who think they can wait the last minute?

Take these next five months and start researching companies in your area. Anderson Windows, General Mills, U of M, various colleges, city, county and state positions.

TOP 10 JOBS For College Freshman To Consider
As a I looked at this list 6/7  are focused on an aging society.

Petroleum Engineer – Median Hourly Wage 63.64
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – Median Hourly pay 32.00
Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides Median Hourly pay (Assistants) – 26.65 and (Aides) 11.69 
Occupational Therapy Assistant – Median Hourly pay 26.57
Interpreters and Translators – Median Hourly wage 20.33
Home Health Aides – Median Hourly wage 10.03
Personal Care Aides – Median Hourly pay 9.62

10 Good Stay-At-Home Careers
  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Medical Transcription
  3. Translator
  4. Web developer/designer
  5. Call center representative
  6. Tech support specialist
  7. Travel agent
  8. Teacher
  9. Writer/editor
  10. Franchise owner

    5 GREAT Second Jobs for cash
    Medical Transcription Median Hourly wage is 17.50
    Landscaper and Groundskeeper – Median Hourly wage 14.28
    Bus Driver – Mean Hourly Wage 20.81
    Concierge – Mean Hourly Wage 15.72
    Proof Reader – Mean Hourly Wage 19.43

    As a former Career Guidance Counselor I would give a warning and say this is not an exhaustive list by any means.  Some of the lower to mid paying jobs can easily be duplicated by working as an insurance agent.  To learn more about how to become an insurance agent simply go to your States Department of Commerce website and look up insurance agent.

    Obviously, individuals who develop a special skill such as sculpting, iron work, glass blowing, pottery, etc, will always have a unique opportunity to earn a living doing what they really love.

    You only have 5 more months before the end of this 2020 school year. I hope you take to heart the these words today. Your school mates are not going to pay your rent, buy your food or apparel for you.
    Your quality of life will be determined solely on your educational potentials and ability to follow directions and do the work your employer ask of you.

    Are you ready for the real world of work?!


part deux

Following hot on the heals of my recent 3 article series I wanted to be sure to complete this next article why the thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

When it comes to education the buck starts and stops with the home front. So parents listen up! When I hear parents say the teacher failed their student or the school failed their student I have to pause and ask myself some questions.

Things that make you say…………………………..hmmmmmmmmm!

Did the parent ever call each teacher to ask how their son or daughter is doing in that particular classroom?
Did the parent ever attend a parent teacher conference?
Did they attend ALL of the parent teacher conferences?
Did they ask to meet with the teacher and their students?
Did the parent ever walk in on their student unexpectedly and observe their behavior? (obviously, with the principals approval)
If recommendations were provided by the district did the parent follow them?

Did the parent ask their student how they were doing?
Do you have any homework?
Did you get your homework done? Let me see it!
What classes do you have this semester?
Who are your teachers?
Where are your books?
What are your school assignments for this week?
Can I help you with your homework assignments?

So after asking these questions, then we would determine a plan of action to make sure each parent is FULLY engaged in their son or daughters educational process.

If the parent did all of these things and their son or daughter still did not perform well, then we know it is not the fault of the parent or the school.
The student needs other intervention that the school cannot provide and should be referred to a different program.

Remember, be the BEST you possible each day!

The Adverse Consequences of Race Based Education Part III

In our concluding part of The Adverse Consequences of Race Based Education Part III we want to offer some realistic recommendations.  It all starts with the School Board, then the Administrators then the Teachers and holds families in each community accountable.

By way of review, I acknowledge there are some tangible benefits for students wanting to come to school see someone who looks like them and there may be some tangible benefits for students to do better.  But that is only based on the SKILL of the teacher of color, NOT just the color of their skin.  When you have to choose between color and skill always take skill over color.  Everyone benefits.  Color does not dictate skill for any race!


1) School Board members should remove all race based thinking. You are holding yourselves and your districts to a lower standard when you start down that slippery slope.  Color has nothing to do with learning or teaching any more than a disability determines a person’s heart or drive to overcome the effects of their disability.  Knowledge and intelligence are not of themselves dependent upon ones color. Desire to learn and effort are not determined by color or culture. Self-respect, respect of others, desire to learn, listening, doing homework, reading the assigned material are not exclusive to any ONE group of people regardless of race, culture, gender, etc.  However, they can become excuses for lack of effort and hatred. Color can become an excuse for those who harbor resentment toward others who do not look like them, talk like them or think like them. 

No school district or any teacher is responsible for what is said or done in a student’s home. Looking back on my upbringing my mother read stories to my sister and me every day. We had magazines and maps before there were computers.  We actually had to memorize our information and use our memories to do math equations, spell words, learn general subject matters, etc.  We actually had to go to the library to look up our information in books!

Now the latest nonsense I have heard is that “the teacher is not of my faith“.  What a crock! That is total nonsense! We should be asking them what faith is that?  Maybe it’s their faith that is failing them! Since when does a person’s faith teach rudeness, disrespect, faking time sheets, swearing, disrespecting their teachers or their fellow students. Since when does ones faith encourage racism and discrimination and prejudice?  Where’s my barf bag?!  Stop making excuses for lack of effort and incompetence.

I personally grew up in the Central neighborhood back in the day and attended Warrington elementary. I only had two teachers of color, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Smith. I was bused to Bancroft in the 5th and 6th grades and did not have ONE teacher of color.  I got accepted to Blake along with others in my community, but our parents could not pay the tuition. Some went on to Marshall and others attended Bryant Junior High School and Central High School.  I moved over 700 miles SE of MN and my Junior High school had a black principal, and a math and science teacher!  My high school had less than five teachers of color.  It did not prevent me from doing my homework or treating people with dignity and respect. Granted my graduating class had about 90 plus people and my cousins were chief of police the mayor. It certainly helped my self-esteem!
I had NO teacher of color in College but managed to graduate with over a 3.0 GPA and was nominated Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges.  The color of my teachers who nominated me was white!  Tell me again, how does color impact my education?

Our parents taught us to say please and thank you and to respect our elders regardless of color. We were taught to open doors for people, let the ladies go first. Manners are NEVER out of style or outdated! Manners are not exclusive to any race and they used to be highly valued in the African American communities.  I would like to think that they still are in some families. Unfortunately, it’s the negative behavior of the few that gets the negative press and certain individuals choose to take that to create their own agendas.  School Administrators and Board members need to wake up and use some common sense.

Here are my recommendations for bad school districts.

i) Set a Minimum Behavioral Standard for all levels of class and for all schools within the district. K-3 Students should know how to share, say please and thank you and generally display good manners and follow oral directions. Who is responsible for teaching them? The parents!
ii) Parents should be given a MINIMAL ACCEPTANCE BEHAVIOR FORM to sign at the beginning of each year for all students. That form should state what behaviors are expected, and the consequences for not following them.  The student and the parents should sign the form and it should be put in the students file. A school form should be highlighted in every classroom to be seen daily by all students.
iii) Only students who meet the minimum standards should be allowed in REGULAR CLASSROOMS.  Students who do NOT measure up to the standards should be placed in a totally different building if not within the district then somewhere else.

2) School Boards and School Administrators and especially parents need to understand that public schools are NOT therapy centers, nor should they be. Teachers do NOT have a therapy degree! They have Math, English, Science, and other degrees, etc.  If a student has behavior issues those behaviors should be documented and given to the parent with a list of community service providers who deal with those issues. The parent is responsible for contacting those programs. Since they raised their children to be that way shouldn’t they at least be responsible enough to complete the application process.  For parents who say they are working or too busy……news flash…their child! Your time or job is no more important than anyone else. Stop dumping parental duties on teachers.

Once the parent contacts the provider, the family will work with that provider until their student is released from services and determined to be “fit” to enter a “NORMAL” classroom.  The community service provider is only given a prorated fee based upon the individual student’s allotment similar to county services when multiple agencies are involved.
If a parent or student needs help with getting things done then the school should have community contracts with multiple service providers that can walk the parent and students through the process. But ultimately the parent is still the primary contact and individual who needs to complete the paper work.  At some point parents are going to wake up and make their sons and daughter smell the proverbial roses and read them the riot act with real consequences.

There are multiple options out there, but I like Progressive Individual Resources or 3VLLC that help with mental health, Vocational Rehabilitation and Character issues. 3VLLC has a number of articles that can help any student or staff improve their performance. School Districts need to institute and ENFORCE a minimum requirement of behavior before a student can be accepted into YOUR district.  That minimum standard of conduct and behavior to attend public schools is what should be expected across the country.  A national standard should be written by congress.  There should also be a minimum standard of behavior to obtain employment that is directly related to school standards.  Failure to meet those minimum standards would prevent a person from getting employed until they have demonstrated they have control of their conduct and language. Swearing and rudeness should be outlawed in public schools.  It should be a misdemeanor and escalate to a more serious offense if the student becomes aggressive and lacks self-control.

Change the expectation of what is required to enter YOUR district and watch parents start getting their kids butts in gear.  Hold the parents accountable for the behavior of their student.  States need to pass a bill that says if their students are involved in any physical or verbal conduct that causes damage to another person the parents will be charged for ALL EXPENSES, including cost of medical bills, lost wages, police and security expenses, etc., etc., etc.  They will also be MANDATED to have to take their student to a mental health specialist for anger management and aggressive behavior and make restitution on “any” damaged property be it school property or any staff property, such as a car or home.  You want to see behavior change?…………….POW, Whop, Zowie!!!….Oh, I thought I was watching a Batman rerun, I regress.

Think back….50 plus years when we were getting ready for preschool, what was the first thing they would ask our parents?  Is your son or daughter ready to enter school?  Do they know how to GET ALONG WITH OTHERS?  Remember that?  Now work with me here, if they expect that in preschool, shouldn’t we expect that in the remaining grades? Am I asking too much here?

Then they would put us in a group and see if we knew how to share or how we treated others in our group, how we spoke, did we have vision problems, etc.  They may have even given us some Mickey Mouse test with blocks back in the day!  No doubt many of those things have been changed over the years, but manners are never out of style.  Shouldn’t we have expectations about a student’s ability to have self-control, to respect the rights of others BEFORE they enter school, especially high school?  That is equivalent to an adult sitting in a restaurant and being bottle fed by his mother.  Sounds bizarre but isn’t it just as ridiculous to think that someone in high-school does not know how to treat others with respect and kindness.

) Find me one job in the (DOT) Dictionary of Occupational Titles that says you must be a certain color before you can do this job?  It does not exist!  Why? Because skill has NO color!  Hire administrators based upon their “people skills”, not the color of their skin.

Check to see, do they communicate with everyone in a timely way?

Do they communicate with, all staff, especially the white staff who are looking to their administrators to enforce the rules and make the school safe for everyone.

Do they take responsibility for everything that takes place in their districts and buildings or do they have their own agenda?

Do not hire any administrator or teacher who is unwilling to attend a meeting and speak with a parent face to face about their child’s progress and behavior in the classroom. If they cannot look the parent in the eye and talk about the students behaviors they are not qualified for the job period! If they cannot perform the job description as written they do not qualify.  Obviously, if they are disabled and have a disability that needs some type of accommodation that is totally understandable.  Just as important do not let administrators hire their friends or cronies just because they are of the same race.  That only makes the problem worse!

Do not keep any teacher if they cannot do their assigned work.  Give all NEW teachers an AT WILL CONTRACT!  Give your best teachers bonuses. If a teacher is being REQUESTED BY STUDENTS and PARENTS, there is NO BETTER RECOMMENDATION!  Case in point, if a black student is requesting a white teacher that supports everything I just said in this series. Color does not determine the quality of education.
Hold everyone accountable for their work and do not give favoritism to teachers of color if their attitude and skills are sub-par.  Case in point, I was working for a county agency when a female of color saw a picture of my wife on my desk.  She had the nerve to tell me she found it offensive.  My response was DON’T LOOK AT IT!  She was nuts! She was hateful, prejudiced and obviously racist and working a highly emotionally sensitive position with caring for the welfare of at-risk youth.  The point is there are many people who bring their personal biases to work and expect people to bow to their wishes simply by being rude, loud and disrespectful. News flash, your misery comes from your own misconceptions!

When you have double standards that does not make for a good working environment
.  Good teachers are leaving and incompetent teachers are being hired because of double standards. The really good teachers see it and the ones who really care about their jobs see it and they are asking themselves what’s going on? Why was this administration brought in here? Each district should have a basic expectation on behavior for everyone before accepting new hires or new students into the district. Stand up for your teachers and create an environment where they can do their jobs without being bombarded with “unnecessary” behavior issues.  Make it clear you will NOT tolerate nor allow any teacher or staff to be verbally abused or physically attacked by anyone, be it another staff or student!  PERIOD!  Advise your staff stop using race for every failure a student of color experiences. Let their work speak for itself not the color of their skin or their culture or their college.  Dismiss students from the DISTRICT until they meet specific requirements.  Be sure to explain to the parents it is their responsibility to pay for the services required NOT the districts.  Get a backbone, TAKE your schools back. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CLASSROOMS and HALLWAYS and CAFETERIAS. Make your schools safe for EVERYONE!  If you need a spine I will personally pay for the 2 x 12 board so you can strap it to your backbone.  “Come on man” get a grip, broski!

Put in place a policy that ANY STUDENT or TEACHER who verbally abuses or physically attacks another teacher or student will not be allowed to return until they receive anger management classes.  (NO EXCEPTIONS) They need to bring the report to the admin office.  It becomes part of that student and teachers file.  Students should also be required to make an apology to that teacher or staff person in the presence of administrators with their parents and apologize to their classmates for disrupting their learning environment. The cost for their anger management sessions or any supportive service during their leave is PAID BY THE FAMILIES, NOT THE DISTRICT.  No exceptions. This needs to be clearly stated in your policy.  Parents need to understand that BEFORE ENROLLING their students into the district.  There will always be someone who claims a hardship case.  Simply, direct them to the GO FUNDME page.  It is not the schools problem.  When you hit parents in the pocket book, watch what happens to their students conduct!

4) Record all HALLWAY NOISE – let parents HEAR what their student’s sound like in the hallways.  If parents heard the filth coming from the mouths of “their” students would they be appalled?  That is an interesting question.  Let parents SEE what they students are doing with each other; groping one another in the hallways like wild animals in heat! Keep it real! You know what I am talking about!  Remember I was a school counselor for three schools.  I worked with over 3700 students, adults and professional athletes since 1977. I speak from experience not bias! Any teacher should be able to tell any student, please sit down, put your phone away, please do not use foul or disrespectful language, etc.
Think about this, that ONE student or GROUP of students are NOT the only ones in the classroom. So it is the schools and the teachers duty to remove any disruptions so that a peaceful educational environment can exist for the students who want to learn.  Isn’t that what parents sent their kids to school for in the first place? If not, there are adult day programs their kids can attend through a county waiver program.

I challenge all school districts to COMPARE YOUR SCHOOL to other schools in your respective states and in the US to schools where students actually walk peacefully to their classrooms and treat people with dignity and respect.  Show those good schools to YOUR student body.  Also, look at other ORGANIZATIONS to see how they function.  Ask some Fortune 500 companies to provide your school with a video on corporate culture.  Have them allow their employees speak on the video about corporate work ethics and requirements for employment.   You want to learn how to exhibit proper behavior for public environments simply look at how they do business. Let students see what other schools and organizations are like through those videos.  Let parents see what those schools and organizations do and how they behave.  Then compare the blatant reality of your own student’s language and behavior to how people should behave. 

Temptations 1971 excerpt from Smiling Faces.
“The truth is in the eye ’cause the eyes don’t lie, amen.
Remember, a smile is just a frown turned upside down my friend.
So, hear me when I’m saying”

On the positive side I would also like to see schools spotlight students who are excelling by attending class, doing their homework, respecting their teachers, and classmates. Video tape them, make them part of the school culture you want to become.

It is simply sickening to use the excuse, well that is “their culture”, that is what they do or say in “their culture”.  I beg to differ.  That is what they do in their families.  By saying “their culture”, they are stereotyping themselves and putting all people of that culture in the same group. Hmm, that is backwards is it not? Never speak for me, thank you very much!  That is simply ignorant and unfounded.  Did they take a census and ask everyone in that culture how they behave, what words they use and how they dress?  Can you say moron!  I thought you could boys and girls!

5) Keep every NEW teacher under a two-year period of observation with an AT-WILL hiring agreement.  During that two years help them make any necessary corrections in their deficiencies. At the end of that two years review their situation and if they need to be released, then respectfully release them and wish them well on their next endeavor.  Stop enabling incompetence by keeping people on board simply because of color, gender, age, etc. The only people who suffer are the students and competent staff who are stuck doing the work of the incompetent hired person.  Color does NOT determine competence of the staff.  There is no direct correlation to color of the teacher and grades or behavior.  There is a correlation between manners, respect and discipline and expectation within the home and a student’s grades.  When parents are involved in the educational process at ALL levels, the student excels in their work.

6) Stop talking about color of the students and culture and start talking about the subject matter of the classes.  If you want a “cultural” education, then find a cultural school or create your own. Public schools are public for the benefit of the entire community, not just one group of people. The conversations should be how can we help students learn the subject matter?  Color and Culture do not determine, kindness, self-respect, respecting the rights of others, self-control, mildness, joy, peace, patience, etc.  Those qualities are learned at home and in the inner circles which we grow up and the friends we choose.  If you lack those basic human skill sets, what does that say about YOU as a person, or your family?  Stop blaming the school and the teachers for a parent’s failure in child rearing.  Send parents a list of community programs that can help them with their behavior challenged student.  Put a link on your websites that parents can access with phone numbers and addresses.

) Color of the teacher or administrator does not make them competent or qualified to do anything. Where that nonsense comes from is beyond me and I am a person of color!  So for all of the haters you can shut that nonsense up!  You cannot hide intelligence and I got that from a black PH’D Psychologist who has TWO PHD’s.  I would add you cannot hide manners or a good personality! A students behavior and language are a direct reflection on their family upbringing not on their public school education.

As I have often written in my previous articles, character is your number one transferable skill not your color nor your degree, nor the name of your college!  I would hire a felon who admits their mistake over a self-righteous pompous nobody who thinks their crap don’t stink simply because they went to some historical school or grew up in some historical town or who came from a specific cultural background.  SKILL trumps color every time! This is America and this is my opinion: If you can’t get along with EVERYONE, do YOUR work and quit making excuses for why it did not get done, then please do not work in a school.  Our students deserve better.

) Stop allowing teachers “regardless of color” to dump their work on others simply because they either can’t do the work or they don’t want to do the work.  In a Special Ed environment that really creates problems for the staff and they are not compensated for doing the work of their incompetent co-workers.  Special Ed teachers do at least 60-70 hours of work vs. a regular school teacher and they are not compensated for the extra time they do their IEP’s at home or communicate with other staff at home in order to complete their IEP’s on time.  They are held to higher standard then regular teachers due to the legality of the IEP document.

) Hold all staff accountable for how they communicate with each other.
When you smell a conspiracy to get rid of a good teacher by incompetent teachers or administrators then drain the swamp and get rid of the incompetent teachers and the administrator who allowed it.

10) If you demand higher standards in conduct by all students and staff “regardless of color” you will get it.  When heads start rolling and students get dismissed and the administrators are on the same page enforcing policy and directing people via the loud speaker, to let them know the expectations every day, you will finally start seeing real changes in the educational environment in all of your buildings.  One of my supervisors once said, I am here to be your supervisor NOT your friend.

Even though we played on the same community football teams and won a city championship and hung out and at lunch he was always the supervisor.  Administrators should keep that in mind when they hire people.  Because if you have to let them go there will be no hard feelings.

What will be the end results? Students will get a better education and the standardized test scores for you district will rise and more students will graduate with a “real diploma”.  Isn’t that what most we all want to see?

I trust you found this subject matter invigorating and thought provoking.
Hopefully, it will provide you with a different perspective of education and ultimately I hope it brings about the needed changes within all public school environments.

Remember, be the Best you possible every day and you will live with no regrets!

The Adverse Consequences of Race Based Education Part II

As schools become more diverse and urbanized, school boards need to start looking at teacher’s life experiences NOT their RACE.  Teachers who have traveled the world and experienced life in third world countries or have volunteered to work in diverse communities make excellent teachers regardless of their race.  Also, they should pass the same standardized test as everyone else. Granted there are some benefits as noted in the previous studies but that only goes so far.  Once the student gets into the classroom they still have to listen and do the work.

Also, parents and school administrators need to understand that teachers have feelings too.  If swearing or general rudeness is part of a student’s character…that’s becomes the student and their parents problem, not the teachers. There should be a protocol in place where incidents are reported and an email is sent out to all parents and staff.  This helps everyone see the overall picture of the district and prevents administrators from covering up or white washing these incidents. There is nothing worse than excusing rudeness as: “well that is part of their culture”.  Really?!!  Now what’s even worse is they mean “culture” to be all people of that color!
Really, at what point did that teacher of color speak for All people of color?  They do NOT speak for me nor my family. NONE of my friends swear of treat people rudely. Are we starting to see the problem here?

Classrooms are not environments where therapy sessions are held.  There are trained mental health professionals and psychologist who are qualified to deal with these issues in the community. This is NOT the job duty of the teacher. It robs the other students in the classroom of a quality education and diminishes the quality of the educational experience for everyone. It adversely impacts the atmosphere of the building like smoke or a smelly bathroom. Yuck!
Who wants to work in a cesspool of foul mouth and ill-mannered people.

Teachers should not have to endure mistreatment or lack of respect simply because a student thinks they are entitled to say what they want without consequences.  I don’t remember school districts and communities handing out an All You Can Charge Card to be a moron! Teachers need to be allowed to dismiss the disruptive student from the classroom so an environment of learning can be maintained for the other students who are there to learn and WANT TO LEARN.  In addition, their ability to enforce rules should not result in being targeted or bullied by students or victims of vandalism by having their tires punctured or cars scratched.  Most importantly, they should not be abandoned by their districts because of their color or side with a student of color and automatically assume that the student is in the right simply because of their “culture”.  If they side with the student, they just told the student that it is ok to be rude and disrespectful. That student will eventually keep trying to employ the same tactic and ultimately it will blow up in their face when they go to get a job because employers are NOT obligated to take anyone who does not meet their standards.

Now……..contrast the students who want to sit in their chairs and pay attention and actually be taught to the individual(s) who want(s) to be the class clown or wants to be noticed.  What do you see? Think back… isn’t it interesting that often those students who want to learn can also be of the same race as the one who wants to be the class clown?  (Pick any race)
So what should we conclude by that very simple observation?  That….”race” or “culture” does NOT dictate how a person listens, or focuses on their assignment, does their homework, or respects themselves or others.  Race does not determine manners, self-esteem, positive self-image, love, respect, kindness, self-control, chasteness, contentment, virtue, humility, obedience, loyalty, modesty, graciousness, etc.  These are universal qualities that most people want to cultivate and be noted for. These are qualities we look for in people who we want to marry or watch our family members. They are also qualities most of us want our friends and family to have.  Regardless of a teachers color the class clown is going to be the class clown by choice. Not because of the color of the teacher standing in front of the class!  So who failed whom?
The PARENT(S) FAILED THEIR STUDENT and the PARENT FAILED THE SCHOOL DISTRICT! That will be my next article after this series.

If a teacher behaved like one of those disrespectful students, how long do you think they would last?  You might be saying, well they are adults, they should know better!  Really?!!! At what age should we expect students to learn how to treat others with respect and dignity?  At what age should a student understand that hitting, threatening, swearing or generally being disrespectful is rude, selfish and totally pre-school nonsense? If they are so psychologically damaged and have such low self-esteem and poor self-image they need to be put in a program where they can get over it!  They do NOT belong in a public classroom for ANY REASON.

A public school is NOT a THERAPY CENTER! They were built and hopefully qualified people were hired to teach various subject matters so our students (regardless of color) could learn in an organized structure without being disrupted.  School districts need to hold students accountable to at least a “minimum behavior standard” and “enforce the rules for the school district” regardless of race or culture.  If they want money so bad, then they should create a bad behavior school for behavior problem students and make all of them stay in that class all day doing their homework.  Put the graduating requirements on the board and KEEP THEM THEIR.
Let each student see what they need to do to get a real degree not a Diploma that says, “Here is a piece of paper with your name on it, now get out of here”! At some point the light bulb may go off and they get tired or behaving disrespectfully.  Those who do not change their behavior are not FIT for a school environment, and most likely will not be able to either OBTAIN or KEEP a job in the future.

Here is where the rubber hits the road.  Please view the following videos.
Share them with your students and ask them is this how you want people to view your educational experience?

So what is the solution to this fiasco of race based education.  Let’s learn about that in our final part of:  The problem with Race Based Education Part III.

The Adverse Consequences of Race Based Education Part I

It has been a while but I am back at it.  Thanksgiving break is here and I just couldn’t let this topic slip away this year.  This three part series will no doubt be of more interests to schools boards and school administrators and teachers but students will want to read this as well.  There have been studies to show that there are some intangible benefits to have teachers that look like their students.  The following study supports that and I as a former Career Counselor understand that part of the equation.


Research to date highlights the symbolic and tangible benefits of a diverse teaching force. For example, quantitative studies have shown positive associations between same-race teachers and diverse students’ attendance, academic achievement, and mathematics course selection.6 Qualitative research further suggests that students of color perceive teachers that share their cultural backgrounds as more accessible and caring, and their instructional practices as more engaging.7 Importantly, teachers of color are more likely to remain in high needs schools longer than white teachers, thereby adding needed stability and professional capital to these schools and their predominantly non-white student populations.8 While such studies do not support the simplistic notion that only culturally diverse teachers can be effective in culturally diverse classrooms, they highlight the unique role that teachers of color play in improving educational experiences and outcomes for students of color.
I am not an advocate of soling hiring people simply because of the color of their skin.  I am an advocate of hiring “qualified” people regardless of color.

However, the background for this series of articles comes from my own education as well as what education has become today.  I just finished watching a disturbing YouTube post by a teacher in Green Bay Wisconsin who submitted her resignation due to the deteriorating conditions in her school district.  You may choose to watch the video later.   After looking at their student demographics it appears to be diverse and it should be noted the teachers concerns were about the conduct of the students not their color.

For the purposes of these 3 articles it is important to state that Green Bay is only ONE school among thousands throughout the US who are experiencing similar problems, some on an even greater scale.  The video is being used only to demonstrate what Special Ed school teachers have to deal with everyday regarding behavior of students in general.

To help you understand my point of view it would be helpful to know a little about my ethnicity. We have been a multicultural family since the 1800s.  White and Hispanic.  African American and Jewish.  Seriously, dad was a Vanderbilt descendant and Grandma was a Weinstein. When you come to our family reunions you will think you are at a United Nations event, with Japanese wives of my uncles, multiple Indian tribes and hues and hair textures to match. Needless to say the food is always crack-a-lackin!  My wife’s background is strictly German and English and Scottish and she is enjoys the multi-culture cuisine….without the HOT SAUCE!!!  🙂

As a Special Ed teacher in a local high school she has seen the population rapidly change from a predominantly white suburban population with a few ethnic groups to an urban population with fewer white students and a black Superintendent.  We both attended a small private college in a Mideast state back in the 70’s.  Our roommates in college were from Chicago, New Jersey, New York, various towns in Ohio.  I traveled with the Overnight Low Show Band out of Dayton Ohio who became SUN, (We’re here Sun is here) and Roger Troutman and the Human Body who eventually became Zap.

Our private college was one of many who saw National Acts through the National Entertainment Conference (NEC) at a discount. My high school alum and College Admissions counselor was the National Entertainment Conference counselor who actually booked over 800 colleges throughout the Midwest and Eastern states.  Some of those schools included Wilberforce, Central State, Wittenberg, Antioch, Bowling Green, Ball State, to name a few. Some of the national musicians, included Bootsy Collins, Natalie Cole, Earth Wind and Fire, Chi-Lites, Grover Washington, Bobbie Humphrey, Gil Scott Heron to name a few.  The wife and I would go to the Kool Valley Jazz Festivals in Milwaukee and dance to James Brown, Gladys Knight, Brecker Brothers, Tower of Power, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bohannon, and immerse ourselves into the culture of the day “without” all of the drugs and paraphernalia.  We even endured hate crimes and hate mail. But we never allowed negative opinions to interfere with our life.

My point in sharing this is because there are many individuals like my wife who is of German decent who have had similar experiences with racism and hatred and multiculturalism, but their school administrators and certain staff only see a European American female whom they think has no understanding of “their culture” or “their struggles”. So I figure if she is experience this in her school then there must be other white teachers who are experiencing something similar.
Certain people of color just assume all white people grew up in some isolated place in the world with no understanding of human struggles in history.  The administrators or coworkers never bother to ask them about their lives or how and where they grew up and how their experiences molded their personalities.

Our daughter went to the same high school and is now working in a local district.  Special Ed teachers are overworked (60-70 hours a week is not unheard of) and underpaid for all of the abuses and threats they have to endure throughout the day. Regular teachers teach a class and go home.  They only deal with parents during a parent teacher conference. Just like the video above my wife has endured threats from students, name calling, swearing, fights, yelling, screaming, abusive speech, and outright threats from students and is totally misunderstood by teachers of color.

So what is the point of this article?
See The problem with Race Based Education Part II



Can you see how one path is getting
darker while the other path is getting lighter?
Which path will you take?

As the weeks wind down to the end of summer it would be wise to ask yourself how did you spend the past 6 weeks?  What did you learn about yourself that can help you be the best you possible?

Simple yet profound questions.  Whatever your answer there will be a consequence.  Consider, if you make the wrong conclusions about what you have learned you are bound to stumble and fall with potentially serious consequences.

However, if you come up with the right conclusions on what you have learned then you will know doubt grow by leaps and bounds.  Remember, to seek out counsel from WISE people.  People who REALLY want you to succeed.  Be forewarned that just because a person smiles at you and says nice things does not mean they like you or have your best interests at heart.

There are many people looking to take what you have earned and sabotage your works out of envy or jealousy.  We defined the differences between those two words in previous discussions.

So, STOP……REFLECT…….MEDITATE ……and ask the questions on who, what, where, how, why, when, to fully dig deep into your inner most person.

You may or may not like what you see.  But that is all part of the growing up process from adolescents to adulthood.   To quote my Aunt Susie you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that “the world is going to hell in hand basket”.  But when you think about it and look around and watch the news and do some deep research you will come to the same conclusion.  Everybody is just tra la la la laing all the way to the grave.

So this is not Johnny Rain Cloud, trying to dampen your dreams!  This is Mr. Sunshine trying to help you push those dark clouds away.

You have half the summer left to do some real growing.  Be courteous to everyone.  Be thankful for the beautiful sunsets that are painted for us each evening.  Be grateful that our creator made us so we do not get tired of seeing blue sky and green grass.  When is the last time you woke up and said, Oh, I am tired of a Blue Sky and Green Grass?  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Its summer, we all look forward to this every year.

So enjoy…… and always remember to BE THE BEST YOU.

Ste Brown MS

The Power of CHOICE

CHOICE, its is an interesting word.

an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

“the choice between good and evil”
synonyms: option, alternative, possible course of action

“you have no other choice”

Consider today you will face many opportunities to exercise your power of choice.  Who will you choose to be today?  How consistent are you at trying to be the best version of yourself?

Will you choose to be kind or rude?  Will you display mildness and self-control or will you simply be loud, abrasive, disrespectful and out of control?  Who would you rather be?  How would you rather have people view you?

What you choose is a reflection of who you are at your core.

There are people working right now breaking the law, torturing people with microwaves, telling them to kill, steal, commit various hate crimes because that is who they are at their core.  They work for corrupt government agencies and lie everyday of their life!

There are teachers who are not putting in the their best effort to teach you a subject and there are students who are not trying in any class.
Why do people choose to give less when they would be much happier if they really gave their very best at all times?

We cannot always control the events, but we can choose what to focus on, choose our own meaning of the events, and we can choose what to do and how to respond to events.

to live by choice, not by chance
to be motivated, not manipulated
to be useful, not used
to make changes, not excuses
to excel, not compete
I choose self-esteem, not self pity
I choose to listen to my inner voice,
not to the random opinion of others

Example, you have a classmate who is taking up valuable time toward your education by being disruptive in the class.  Do you choose to sit and laugh at them or do you choose to ask the student to be a clown on their own time?  Its your education!

Now apply that to your classwork.  You have failed most of your classes since elementary school. You’re facing not graduating with your class because you CHOSE to be lazy and make excuses for your lack of effort!
You CHOSE to blame everyone but yourself for not paying attention in class! You CHOSE to create a situation in class so you could be removed from the classroom.  Who failed WHOM?

What will you do?  Will you decide TODAY is the day you will take responsibility toward your education or will you simply let life go on as before?


Try to see yourself in the future.  What type of job will you have?  What type of apartment will you live in?  You may not even have enough to rent out a room in a boarding house!  Now what are your options?

Steve Brown is the CEO of the 3VLLC.  He writes post for students on the importance of developing and maintaining good character and the value of education.  Character has always been your number one transferable skill not your academic prowess. 3VLLC invites all of our readers to set the example by being the best you possible.

Good Character is a CHOICE!  Choose correctly…
Support our Character Choice initiative by wearing our apparel.

Steve Brown MS, CEO

Belief in something does NOT make it true!

As the school year has started, I thought I would share some knowledge about belief vs. truth.  Belief in something does NOT make it true.  Also, the number of people believing in something does NOT make it true.  Remember, 1500 years ago everybody “knew” the earth was the center of the universe, 500 years ago everybody “knew” the earth was flat.  Ring a bell?

Well what will you discover this year?  How can we apply that same principle to ethics, morals and integrity?  What are morals? Where do they come from?  What are standards? Where do they come from?  What are values? Where do they come from?

Is the theory of evolution really believable?  Did that Rolex watch make itself!  Does a house in the desert build itself?  Of course not!  If we can draw the correct conclusion on such simple items as a watch and house, why can’t we acknowledge that the more complex universe had a designer, a creator an intelligence far superior than that of our own?  Consider the complexity of the watch in the following video.  The video is 7 minutes and 43 seconds.  But it will leave you with some obvious conclusions.

If we were created, do you think the creator has a purpose for us?  Why did he make us male and female and tell us to subdue the earth and have in subjection the fish of the sea, the birds in heaven and every animal walking on the earth?  Why did he say there would be no more sickness and even death would be gone forever?  Hmmm…Interesting questions, these!

The answers to these questions will determine if you live a life of immorality, corruption and dishonesty, or live by the highest standards and morals provided by a supreme creator.  Men can come up with rules and laws but they pick and chose when to apply them. Morals and ethics, principals, and integrity are from a higher source. The creator of all things teaches us how to benefit ourselves. He is never unjust!


a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.
“the corruption of public morals”

synonyms: moral code, code of ethics, (moral) values, principles, standards, (sense of) morality, scruples

“he has no morals”

Man did not create morals.
Example: Today the world says we must be tolerant of everyone.  Really…this could imply there is NO right or wrong, there is no good or bad! It suggests people can do whatever they want whenever they want and to whomever they want.  But aren’t they doing that anyway?  They believe in free speech without filters. They can say whatever they want to whomever they want!  Hmmmm!

Give that some thought.  Would you want someone walking up to you and just start screaming abusive words or names at you simply because some imperfect law says they have the right to do so?

Belief in something does NOT make it true!

Without trying to sound preachy, start thinking about what a “Perfect” world should look like.
Why would YOUR world be that way.  Remember, what you believe may not be what your classmates believe.  So whose standards should you follow, YOURS, YOUR CLASSMATES, PARENTS, TEACHERS….
or the CREATOR?

We can all agree the Rolex watch did NOT make itself.  Our universe and the human body are far more complicated than a Rolex watch.  So you have some soul searching to do this year.  To help you with your direction, I want to share a story about Fernando Casillas. This is a very compelling story about an individual who chose to change his character.  Watch his video.  If he can change, so can YOU!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note “Good People” can do bad things and “Bad People” can do good things, the difference is intention and frequency, duration and intensity.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes.  Like Weebles, they may wobble, but they always tend to get up and find the proper path in life, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.  They are typically angry, abusive in words and actions, hateful, unhappy, and deceitful.

Want proof, simply look at your the world you live in.  How may people have been through a treatment program but then straightened up and followed the right course vs. those who simply cannot seem to get their act together?  Why did one person make and the other did not?  How many people date multiple individuals and blame their partner for all of the problems only to repeat their same mistakes in their preceding relationships?  How many people get married and divorced 3,4,5 times and never seem to grow up only to keep blaming their former spouse?  How many students keep failing their classes, only to blame the teacher, or invent excuses such as race, or disability or discrimination?
At what point do people decide to become accountable for their own actions and acknowledge they need to be better at every level?

Good Character is a CHOICE!  Choose correctly…
Support our Character Choice initiative by wearing our apparel.

Steve Brown MS, CEO


No doubt  over the summer you have read accounts of crimes and violence in your communities and sadly some of you may have been victimized by losing a loved one or having one of your loved ones go to prison or detention or some other form of treatment.  This is important because people feel despair and it can have an adverse effect on their education.

With that said I went out to find a program that I felt really works on an international level. You may not necessarily agree with their methods, or their ideology, but one thing you cannot deny is how each person feels about themselves and how their lives have been improved after participating in this prison ministry.

The following videos are also helpful as an intervention to help students to STOP and THINK before they do something that can land them behind bars.  I encourage everyone, parents, administrators and of course students to look at a prison ministry that is having great success around the world.  Enjoy the videos.[search_id]=d82a34f8-369a-47a9-b2e0-779eb2110ffb&insight[search_result_index]=3

Well how do you feel after watching those videos?  Were they uplifting? Did they give you hope for your loved one?  If so please share them with your family, friends, classmates and more.  Each of these men recognized they could not continue to live a life of recklessness and destruction.  They made a choice!  Choice is powerful.  We can continue to walk a course of self-destruction and be irresponsible or we can CHOOSE to be the BEST version of ourselves as possible.

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes – they can correct their judgement, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily and seem to be oblivious to the feelings of others.  Want proof, simply look at your peers, community and government.

If you think the information in this blog has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends.

Steve Brown MS, CEO



Wow, summer has really gone by fast.  How did you spend your time?  Did you learn anything about yourself?  Feel free to share your summer experiences through our email. If you want us to post it please clearly state that in print.

Remember, Character is your number one transferable skill.  With that said, have you been working to improve your character?  Since we are ALL a work in progress, it is safe to say that Character Development is an ONGOING process that will never end.  Give that some thought.  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Mildness, Self-Control, Chasteness, Contentment, Loyalty, Obedience, Graciousness are outstanding qualities to have.  No doubt we would all enjoy being with someone who could consistently demonstrated those qualities.
But that person does not exist……….today.

Remember, to look at YOUR character. Not your siblings or classmates, but YOURS!

While you are pondering the above information, consider students make decision in life that they often regret as they get older.  Example, TATTOOS!  They may look nice at the moment.  But what happens when you want to go to a special/important event and the boss is looking for someone with GOOD CHARACTER to lead the team or run an expansion office?  What will your TATTOO say about your CHARACTER?!

Consider the following link

“Here’s another way to spot strong feelings of tattoo remorse: laser removals. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were 45,224 procedures for tattoo removal in the United States last year — almost three-quarters of which were performed on women. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the age breakdown here echoes the age breakdown above — more than half of laser removals last year were for individuals ages 19 to 34. But there were also 261 tattoo removals on people 18 and younger (instant regrets, perhaps?) and 424 procedures to remove tattoos from people 65 and older (long-term ones?).”

So before you decide to spend your money on a tattoo that you may later regret consider putting that money toward a CD, or life insurance policy, or even putting it in a savings account.

But if you MUST have a tattoo…. find a service or product that gives you the option to wash it off if you decide you do not like it.  Live with a temporary tattoo for a few weeks then decide if you want to make it permanent after you have considered how you will look later in life.  Visualize yourself in all types of situations and at all stages of life such as students, parents, grandparents, employees, employers, etc.

Then ask yourself what will that tattoo say about your judgement in each of those phases of life. Just because something is popular does not make it a good thing!  Just because everyone else is doing it or all of my friends are doing does not mean its the right thing to do!

Well that should get your juices flowing!  If you have been vegging out for the summer its time to get your BRAIN in gear.  Think everyday!  Do something challenging everyday!  Enjoy meeting new people and getting to understand their perspective.  I did NOT say you have to agree with their perspective only understand it.  Once you can do that then you can began to formulate your own thoughts on the subject in the future.

Also, remember, if all you have is a hammer…everything else is a nail.
All you can do his hit it!  What does that mean?  It means you need to expand your mind with MORE WORDS, MORE IDEAS, HIGHER PRINCIPLES, MORE KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, DISCERNMENT, INSIGHT, THINKING ABILITY.

When you become an INDEPENDENT THINKER you will not be intimidated by others who think differently.  You will be able to calmly present your counter points fluidly, without hesitation or reservation because you will have done your due diligence on the subject at hand before putting your mouth in gear.

The clock is counting down to the beginning of another school year.  Let this be your best year to date by making an effort to be the BEST YOU possible!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes – they can correct their judgement, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily and seem to be oblivious to the feelings of others.  Want proof, simply look at your peers, community and government.

If you think the information in this blog has been helpful to you, please share it with your friends.

Steve Brown MS, CEO

Reality Check!

“Hmmmmmm!  I did not know it would cost this much to live!  I wish I had paid attention more in school.”  Ever here one of your former classmates make that statement?

As your school year winds down, you no doubt have purchased a number of items over the paths 9 months, such as electronic devices, sneakers, apparel, caps, maybe your first car. So ask yourself did your new purchase bring you more piece of mind, did it make you have more joy, love of neighbor or  patience?  Did it make you a kinder person, have more self-control or more mild in your personality?

Chances are it did none of these things.  As you get closer to graduation you should be focusing on your needs over your wants.  You should have a transition plan in place that helps you to understand where your focus should be. As you seek out summer employment and start understanding the realities of transition from school to work, you are no doubt developing a clearer understanding of what you need to earn to support yourself.

Remember, to move out of your parents home you will need to minimize frivolous expenditures just to afford a one bedroom apartment.

The average cost for rent across the country is as high as $3600 a month in San Francisco to $450 per month in Wichita Kansas.  So what are the chances you can support yourself when you graduate?

The USDA calculates food costs by age range, according to four levels of plans: thrifty, low-cost, moderate and liberal. For instance, monthly food bills for a man who was 19-50 years old would break down this way in each category: thrifty, $182; low-cost, $235.60; moderate, $294.80; and liberal, $360.70.
A woman’s average monthly food bills in the same age category are as follows: thrifty, $162.40; low-cost, $203.70; moderate, $251.70; and liberal, $321.20. All of these averages are from 2013. According to the numbers, the averages for this age range tends to be slightly higher than any other age range.

So the next time you are in class and you think you do not need to listen to or learn anything, ask yourself, how do you plan on supporting yourself if you cannot afford the basic necessities in life?


Who will prospective employers higher first?  YOU or your peers?
What does your academic performance say about your skill set?
Are you a team player?  Do you know how to get along with people?
Character is your #1 Transferable Skill. Employers are looking for people who are trainable.  People who have great personalities.  People who have great self-esteem and a good self-image.  What does your character say about YOU!

Steve Brown MS, is the CEO of the  He writes blogs on valuing your education and developing and maintaining good character and  how to repair damaged character.

We all stumble in word, thoughts and deeds.  Some fall harder than others and may cause serious damage to their character!  However, that is not the end of life, it simply means you have to pick yourself up and wipe off the stains and start putting the pieces back together.

Always remember, there is NO ONE who can look you in the eye and tell you they are perfect.

Regardless of whether you have a juvenile record, or stumbled as adults you can still repair your character.  It takes time and effort but you can succeed!

Pursue Virtue, show Valor and you will be the Victor!

Steve Brown MS, CEO


Level the Playing Field – Part II

Level the Playing Field – Part II

As noted in Part I a healthy mind does NOT experiment on others.

People who work in the field or microwaves DO NOT HAVE HEALTHY MINDS.  This technology is being pointed at playgrounds, schools, colleges, and communities across the country.   You may even have friends who say they are hearing voices in their heads.  Trust me, they are NOT mentally ill!  They are victims of V2K!

How do they inject you?  They inject you via a syringe for a vaccination, or blood test or any other situation that calls for a needle to be put into your arm.  if you have had a hospital visits, doctors visits, MRI’s, community vaccinations….forget about it…you have been injected.
If you have ever been SEDATED for ANY reason, there is a 99.9% chance you have been illegally tagged by your corrupt government officials.  If you are a person of color there is a 100% chance you have been illegally tagged.

If you are an immigrant, legal or illegal, military, police or security personnel, or have been in any part of the criminal justice program either as a juvenile or an inmate or employee you have been tagged.  You have a GPS tracking chip as well as neural chip implants. Can you see if on the Penny?

Just like the Tuskegee experiments that occurred in the 50’s, corrupt humans have continued to be corrupt, they have continued to perform illegal operations under the guise of race superiority, patriotism, science/human experimentation, nationalism, hatred, prejudice, racism, etc.  In other words, humans have a propensity to do the dumbest things for the dumbest reasons.

What does this say about THEIR CHARACTER?  Suffice it to say we would all agree they are sick, demented, perverted, and in need of some serious mental health intervention!

Keep your eyes open, pay attention to your surroundings and be a voice that stands against illegal human tagging and experimentation.  Do so with a MILD SPIRIT, CALM DISPOSITION, and LOVE FOR NEIGHBOR out of a clean heart.  This way they cannot take your NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and use them against you!  That is a critical piece going forward.  The technology can put negative emotions in your mind such as rape, kill, steal, lie, cheat, harm, etc.  But if your HEART is trained to reject those types of subliminal commands, their technology will fail.

There is no law against love, kindness, goodness, mildness, self-control!  If makes their job that much more difficult when you heart is trained to be loving, kind and forgiving!

So the next time you feel yourself wanting to behave badly, please remember this article.  Those emotions you feel may NOT necessarily be yours.

History shows us that King David killed Uriah the Hittite and committed adultery with his wife Bathsheba.  History also tells us King Manasseh did on a large scale what was bad by leading Israel to worship false gods.  He even burned his own sons in the fire!

Yet what is unique about these individuals?  Both Kings acknowledged their mistakes, repented of their actions and turned their lives around.  The point:  NO ONE can heal themselves unless they first acknowledge their mistakes and then take corrective action to be a better person.

As long as people continue to be illegally experimented on by corrupt government agencies, and the individuals that work in those agencies and continue to deny their acts of aggression and hatred are wrong, they will always need a character adjustment!

Steve Brown MS, CEO of the writes blogs on the value of education and importance of developing and maintaining good character.  He also teaches others participants how to repair damaged character.  To illustrate, just as a stain on clothing can be washed away, so bad character can be removed as well.  You are NOT what people want you to be, you are WHAT you want to be and that is determined by how you live, how you speak and how you treat others.

What does YOUR character say about YOU!

Steve Brown MS, CEO

Level the Playing Field – Part I


You cannot protect yourself against something you do not know exists and is designed to control your emotions.

Without trying to scare you, I want to discuss a subject that needs to have every ones attention.  Because directly or indirectly it not only impacts the educational system and learning process but it has had tragic consequences on the landscape of our society for years.  It can happen on a school bus, on the playground or even in the school building!

Consider the following questions?  Ever find yourself thinking you hear someone talking to you but no one is around?  Hear a buzzing sound or high frequency around your ears? Have weird dreams of people and places you have never seen or places you have never been?  Ever find yourself in a maze with various obstacles to thwart your exit? These are just a few of the tricks that are used on the general populace today.  Did you know can literally SEE your dreams on a LED screen and they can put the dreams of another person inside YOUR head?

Welcome to the world of microwave technology.


How can you defend yourself against this technology? By leveling the playing field. When you know and understand what is happening to you, then you will be better prepared to control your emotions and your actions.

Did you know that there are frequencies that can control moods and your attitude toward things?  Did you know that the QWEN TOWERS in your communities are sending various frequencies into specific homes or neighborhoods and some are actually directed at schools or individuals within your schools and communities?

mw1 GWEN T2
These are QWEN TOWERS – The feds own the tops and the communication companies control the middle for their cell phone transmissions.

Ever wonder what causes students to act violently toward their teachers or classmates?  Or why a person can go from 0-10 without any apparent provocation?  Or why Police Officers act out of fear in certain environments? Or why 22 soldiers commit suicide every month?  Or why one area or neighborhood or segment of society experiences more violence than others? Of why students fight for no apparent reason?

Is there an invisible force that is at work?

They can literally create frequencies that cause depression, anger, hatred, rage and so much more!  But more importantly via the neural chip you can experience what is known as V2K or voice to skull transmissions.   In other words the voice emanates from within your head.

You are NOT schizophrenic, you are NOT paranoid, you are NOT mentally ill.  However, they want you to believe you are!

Your symptoms are NOT from an organic source such as a mineral deficiency.   They can be either be created through an implant in your body that is resonating at a certain mega hertz or your body is susceptible to that negative frequency even though you are NOT necessarily injected.

They can take your existing attitude, especially if it is bad, angry and hateful, racist, prejudice, spiteful, revengeful and use it against you by literally turning it up like a rheostat that intensifies the negative emotion to the point you will act out to hurt another individual and or yourself.

In their drive to destroy their own world and discredit people they actually tell their targeted victims to do harmful things to others or even cause harm to their families or people at large in their communities.
The questions is…WHO are these people?  They can be your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or associates or neighbors who work for these nefarious agencies. While they are smiling at you in public and during the family picnics they are literally killing people and torturing people on their jobs.

The individuals who are working in these programs are themselves masochist, racist, prejudice, suffering from low self-esteem, poor-self image, self hatred, depression, mental disorders are chemically dependent, and they work as county commissioners, politicians, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctors, attorneys, judges, and police, nurses, any other occupation.

And you thought LOKI was nuts!  Not even close.  These people make the LOKI look like a cub scout and it is all paid for by TAX dollars.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that healthy minds do not TORTURE, INTIMIDATE, THREATEN, BULLY, BURN, or KILL, STEAL, HABITUALLY LIE and ILLEGALLY EXPERIMENT on others for any reason.

A healthy mind is about creating positive solutions for people in the most difficult of circumstances. They show fellow feeling, compassion, caring attitudes toward the needs of others.  They know how to love themselves so they can love others, they appreciate real joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mildness and self-control, chasteness, contentment.  These are qualities of a healthy mind.

Good Character is NOT an accident.  It is a deliberate effort to live by a higher code, to follow a higher calling and be the example for others.

Steve Brown MS, CEO is of writes blogs on the value of education and the importance of character development.  With proper character by all citizens we can eliminate the threats of microwave abuse.  SCB Associates, has been studying the subject for over fifteen years and has documented research to support this article.

Ste Brown MS, CEO

Wow June is coming – June is coming!

Whoa Nelly.  June is almost here! Graduation is on the minds of the seniors and some juniors.  Freshman and Sophomores are thinking about the next year and how many credits they need until they graduate.  Well, how did you do?  Did you learn anything?

Consider the following:
As graduation approaches, you are no doubt thinking about the remaining classes, classmates, favorite or no so favorite teachers. The freshman were concerned about moving into a new building with “older people”!  But regardless of your starting points or ending points, your minds were spinning like a whirlwind trying to take it all in while at the same time maintaining your cool.  Come on now!  I used to rock the bell bottoms and fro back in the day and wear my sunglasses!  But I outgrew it!  Now I wear suits, ties, and rock the suspenders and Johnston and Murphy’s.  But I digress.

Many of our students do not want their peers to see them sweat so they cover over their anxieties with jokes, laughter, teasing, and sometimes insults and bullying.

So before you go down that slippery slope of negativity, you will want to check yourself and take inventory of your emotions and your thoughts. Ask yourself are you following the HIGHEST principles possible?  Are you working to BE THE BEST you possible?  Are you taking the higher ground and GROWING emotionally and psychologically so that you can function at your optimal level?

All of the underclassmen should be looking at all of those seniors and soaking up their knowledge.
How many of the seniors actually learned something in class?  How many applied themselves to their studies?  How may were in the principals office everyday?

Without the mindset wanting to “be the best you”,  you will be ‘just another wannabe, could-a, would-a, should- a kinda person’ whom teachers and administrators will later say” “They had so much potential to be more”.    Don’t let that be said about you!  Don’t leave your educational game on the bench. Bring your “A” game everyday so that when the big tests come along in life you can pass them.

Leonardo DeCaprio

With that said, lets consider some of the areas that you will eventually be confronted with as you progress through school. Politics, Religion, Gender Equality, Sexuality, Grooming, Dress, Music, Friends, Physical appearance are some of the many topics you will eventually discuss in the cafeteria, playground, gym, on the bus and even walking to and from school.  Even though all people have to deal with each subject matter (including teachers, administrators and even your parents, grandparents, siblings), you will be surprised to learn how many different answers can be provided for each of them.  But for every different answer there are also different outcomes. So the choices you make today will have a HUGE impact on your potential outcomes tomorrow!

The point being, is that YOU need to be the BEST YOU!  There is a right way and a wrong way for everything in life.  But there is only ONE answer that can MAXIMIZE your potential.  If all choices or just ANY choice led to a positive outcome then why do we have so much corruption, dishonesty, hypocrisy, crime, violence, hatred, prejudice, racism, etc. There is only ONE answer that can help you be the BEST YOU possible!

If you are really paying attention to our blog you will have more than an inkling of what direction you should go.  One of my friends once said that opinions are like tennis shoes.  Everyone has them and they all STINK!

immaturity poster

Opinions usually are odorous when we do not agree with them.  But having been raised in a rural area as a teen I actually came to love the smell of a dead skunk.  It took some getting used to but I can truthfully today it is not as offensive as the first time I smelled it. There is something refreshing about the pungent order of dead skunk that clears the nostrils and open the lungs.  The point is that we are going to here opinions that initially we may find ODOROUS, but after we have had some time to think about them and as we gain more knowledge and understanding, discernment and thinking ability, then we begin to see the WISDOM in words, that initially we did not agree with.  Allow yourself that opportunity to understand the words you hear, before you draw your final conclusions.

So as you walk the hallways of school and eventually the hallways of life, test the quality of the words. Listen to the emotion and conviction attached to them, then determine if they have merit.  But be forewarned!

Remember, that even a racist has conviction for their beliefs, and even Hitler had conviction for his actions.  But that does not justify them nor make them legal nor make them acceptable.  So be careful about the conclusions you draw on the words you hear.  You may just need more knowledge, understanding, discernment and thinking ability before you can properly come to the right conclusions.

Choose your friends wisely.  You WILL become the company you keep!
If you hang around people who have a limited vocabulary and use colorful metaphors to express themselves, there is a 99.9% chance you will do the same.  If they deal with their anxieties by smoking and drinking, swearing and fighting, there is a very high probability you will do the same.

However, the same can be said if you hang around people who have proper manners, and principles.  People who cultivate intrinsic qualities such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control, chasteness, contentment, loyalty, obedience, humility, etc.  Those qualities will take you anywhere and open any door or opportunity.  You may also meet people who understand investment portfolios, real-estate, entrepreneurial-ism, people, who have self-respect and a positive self image and positive self esteem, people who follow a higher standard.  People who have their values grounded on higher principles.  Their good qualities will become YOUR good qualities.

When you choose the latter, you have a greater chance of accomplishing your goals without disappointments and regrets in your life.  So ask yourself, which would you rather have?

If you believe you have to experience disappointment in order to know how it feels then you may also be a person who thinks the glass is half empty.  You may be the negative-nellie of the group, always putting others down, always complaining and finding fault with everyone and everything. That is not an image of a healthy mind.

man with a nookie  immaturity 2
Don’t be this guy!                Act like this!

However, if you think you can learn many of life’s lessons by watching and learning through others failures and successes then you may be a person who thinks the class is half full.  That is a very positive individual who is always looking for the silver lining, looking for the good, and pursuing the higher virtues.  BE THAT PERSON!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.  Want proof, simply look at your peers.

Steve Brown MS, CEO

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Take The Pledge (TTP)
I________________________ endeavor to use my time wisely in school, to pay attention in all classes, to respect all teachers, classmates, all employees.  I pledge to myself, my parents, my teachers and my community that I will do my schoolwork, read my books, ask questions, seek advice when needed, and live by the rules and play within the lines.

I pledge not to make excuses, or blame others for my academic failures.  I pledge to spread the message about the importance of character and its impact on education. I pledge to follow the motto of the UniversityofBandz to BE THE BEST YOU possible. 

I understand that if I fall down in meeting these obligations that I will NOT stay down.  I will pick myself up, dust off the dirt and move forward by continuing to develop positive character.

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YOU ARE KNOWN BY THE FRIENDS YOU KEEP – what do yours say about you?

Wow, I just got off a Face Book page I manage for a company and found a posting that was disturbing to say the least.  I could not help but ask why do people have a need to support low standards when it comes to their choice of words?

Some researchers say ‘people think emotional pain can be healed by swearing’.

I disagree.  I think it only adds to the pain and it reinforces the pain.

By becoming angry when people say or do something to us that is offensive or hurtful does not make the situation better.  When you raise your voice, your blood pressure goes up, you find yourself acting like the aggressor and you may even resort to spewing your own colorful metaphors or act out violently leading to a physical altercation.

Give this a try 
The next time you feel insulted or someone physically causes you pain, ask yourself, what is going on in the aggressors headWhy are they trying to cause you painWhat is the source of THEIR pain?  What is the source of their emotional and psychological instability?
Are they doing this because there is a chemical imbalance?  Are they are a masochist? Are they part of a secret government program or secret fraternal organization that likes to set people up and pull pranks on them, in an attempt to publicly discredit their victims? (they exist!)

Once we begin to look at these questions we might see the aggressor in a different light.  Example, someone calls you a racial slur or some other offensive word is obviously suffering from a form of pain that directly related to one or more of the subject categories in this paragraph.
Right away we should recognize this individual lacks self-control.  They may be suffering from a severe case of low self-esteem, poor self-image, false since of pride, delusion, or any number of other things going on in their life.

Look at their dress and grooming.  Is their hair combed?  Did they take a bath? Did they brush their teeth?  Do they smell like smoke or alcohol?
All of these could be clues to what is going on in their life.

Even if they are wearing a suit and tie, or clean jeans and tennis shoes they could still be suffering from emotional pain.  So do not be quick to respond to them in a negative way.  Be discerning!

There may be jealousy or envy behind their attack.
What is the difference? Jealousy is when someone wants what you have but they don’t mind that you have it.  Envy is when they want what you have but because they cannot have it, they do not want you to have it.
Either one can cause them to behave childish or hateful or spiteful!

But we can all agree that THEY are in pain and that is why they act out against others.  They obviously lack good character.  Many have no sense of morality, virtue,  or ethics.  They practice their bad behavior daily and associate with individuals who do the same.  So what do the friends you keep, say about YOUR character!

An ethical or moral person does not verbally or physically attack another individual….period! A healthy mind does NOT attack people, it does not torture people, and it has no need to go out of the way to mistreat or be verbally abusive toward others.

So when look at insults from a different perspective we begin to see the individual as a person in need of help.  They have been victimized by their own lies, their own life style, their own bad choices, their own misconceptions, their own prejudices, and biases and even their own associations.  In other words they are in some form of emotional or psychological pain which has blinded their better judgement.  In a nutshell they are delusional and need psychological help.

So ask them what can YOU do to help them ease their pain?  Then watch their reaction!  Do it with mildness, do with self-control and for love of goodness avoid the colorful metaphors!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.

We encourage our readers to become members and submit their comments below.

Steve Brown MS, CEO




While driving down the street you come to an intersection and wait for the light to turn green.  When the light turns green you pull out into the intersection only to be broadsided by a drunk driver who thought his freedom to drink and drive outweighed your freedom to obey the traffic light.

While going to court for the accident, the Judge (who is an alcoholic himself) decides in favor of the drunk driver and decides to fine YOU for not looking both ways before you pulled out into the intersection!  They also make YOU take the drivers test again and suspended your license!

Sound absurd? This time you are walking in the mall with your family enjoying an outing. While going about your activities you see a man running at you screaming loudly and shooting anyone whom he wants.  One of your family members is killed.  The shooter runs out of store and kills 10 more people and injures many more with his automatic rifle.  When you arrive home you find your doors and windows are broken and your home was robbed and graffiti was painted on the walls telling you to get out or else! On top of that, your insurance policy was stolen. Wow!


Just as our examples demonstrate, without boundaries and limitations people can suffer directly or indirectly because another person decided to exercise their freedom in a negative way.  As long as ONE person chooses NOT to obey the laws or rules of society, then NO ONE has real freedom.  Whenever you violate the rights of ONE person NO ONE has real freedom.  Now your saying those examples are extreme.  Are they?  Have you read the news lately?

Let’s look at it from a student and a teachers perspective.  You are in school and another student decides he/she wants to be the class clown for the day.  They pull out their cell phone, talk loud, swear at the teacher, fight with another classmate until they are hauled out by the police.  They chose to use their freedom to behave badly.  THEY STOLE YOUR EDUCATION FOR THAT DAY!  What if this happens on a regular basis in your classes?  How devalued would your education become if a student in each of your classes acted this way?  Teaching time is being taken away from a highly paid and well trained educator who could help you with that subject matter.  That particular days review may cost you a question on the final classroom exam or the state standards test. Now how do you feel?

The teacher gets paid whether the student stole your time or not.  YOU need to stand up for YOUR EDUCATIONAL RIGHTSAdvocate for your rights by telling your fellow students the following:


Get the picture!  You may hear a few boos and laughter and you may hear a few people support you.  But the point is you took a stand for your education.  You said it respectfully and you left your fellow students with a choice while still having a little dignity as well. Will they exercise their freedom properly or will they encroach upon the rights of others?

What if the other students stood up to support you?  Its YOUR education that is being diminished, because you allowed someone in your classroom to act out and not follow the rules.  You chose to exercise your freedom to listen and learn while they decided they had no time for education that day.  But if you just SIT THERE and DO NOTHING, then you are choosing to let someone STEAL FROM YOU!

Do you feel cheated, do you feel your FREEDOM has been taken from you!

What are the long term consequences to the individual who consistently misuses their freedom to do things that are not in their best interests?
Do they have a bright future or a bleak future?

Now what happens when you continue to allow people to take away from your educational experience by acting out in your classes?  Will your educational experience be as good as it could be or will it be diminished?


Steve Brown is the CEO of UniversityofBandz and writes his blogs on the value of education and character development and repair.  He welcomes membership to his page and looks forward to getting out into the schools to speak with the student body.  If you have problems with bullying, negative behaviors, drugs or violence we have answers for you as parents, students and educators.  Join the UniversityofBandz and put education and character first!

To schedule a visit simply send your inquiry or request to:

CHARACTER: Your #1 Transferable Skill

Character Your Number 1 Transferable Skill

What are standards

For the purposes of our discussion standards are synonymous with quality and excellence, exemplar.  When associated with character it is related to principles of conduct informed by notions of honor and decency.  There is an ideal, code of behavior or morals, ethics or standards to live by.

As you examine your progress this year and look back on ALL of your school years, ask yourself, what are YOUR standards?  Have they gone up or down? Do you demand more or less of yourself?  Ask yourself what has been your family’s standards in the areas of speech, conduct, ethics, moralities, integrity.  Would you view them as high, moderate or low?  More importantly what is the basis for your standards?
To what do you compare your standards: To other people, actors, athletes, politicians or do you pattern your standards after a spiritual being?  How high you soar is determined by whom you choose for your pattern.

Birds of a feather flock together 
No doubt you have noticed that people who smoke hang out with other smokers. It applies to all behavior; People who swear, alcoholics, druggies, bullies, athletes, all hang out with people with similar characteristics.  There can also be overlap of multiple interests.  It even applies with low self-esteem, poor self-image, self-hatred. Misery loves company! Simply look around your schools. Who sits with whom in the school cafeteria?  Who walks down the halls together or hangs out together during breaks between classes?

So what does your choice of friends and associates say about your values?

Are they racist?  Are they prejudice?  Are they corrupt?  Are they hypocrites? Do they value life or do they think they have the right to mistreat or bully people?  Do they follow a higher calling or do they find the lowest forms of examples to imitate?  Is that how you want to be represented?  Is that the type of “standard” you want for yourself?

These questions are important for you to answer NOW!  Because the longer you associate with individuals who are not about improving themselves on a daily basis the more your life will remain the same.  You must take control of YOUR decisions and own the them.  Right or wrong; good or bad. YOU accept the consequences.

A prudent person would build their standards upon the highest platforms of morality and ethics, and integrity. Unfortunately, our society has failed in teaching and modeling this most important aspect of personal growth.  Since no one has “SEEN” a perfect example we must look for the good in others and praise it, while incorporating their best qualities into our own character.

If they can violate the most basic of human rights to torture, kill, rob, frame by decree, shame,  harass, stalk, bully ad-nauseam, then get out your PF Flyers and Red Ball Expresses and run away as fast as you can.

Are you one of THOSE people?  Do you know any of THOSE people?  If you are or know someone like that, please take out the magnifying glass the study them with a fine tooth comb.  It will not be hard to find their faults, their hypocrisy, their crimes, their history of violence and hatred, some murders, tortures, breaking and entering, conspiracy to commit murders and hate crimes, and generally just pure badness.  Now ask yourself, is that how you want people to see YOU!

When you graduate either this year or in the years to come, will you look back on your life and BLAME your association for your lack of effort in the classroom?  Will your present associations have negative repercussions on your future actions because you allowed their negative habits and ideologies to adversely impact your thinking process, thereby lowering the altitude from which you can soar?!  Learn to identify toxic people in your associates.

In the meantime, you can work on developing a personality that is built upon higher standards.  Did you know love is more powerful than hatred?  It even resonates at a higher frequency than hatred?  It takes more strength of character to remain calm than to yell and scream and a calm disposition actually has healing properties?

So the next time you look at your character, I hope you can say you are on an upward path and climbing.

Steve Brown is the CEO of UniversityofBandz and Character 1st and writes articles on character development and character repair to help our youth,  inmates and anyone who is trying to move forward, understand they can change.  They are NOT the words or definitions that society dumps upon them.  Just as we wash stains from our physical garments we can wash stains of imperfection, poor judgment and bad motives away with positive, moral, ethical ACTIONS that support our words.

People would rather SEE a sermon that HEAR a sermon, so be the example you want others to believe you can be.  If you stumble, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and walk tall and straight.  If your friends fall, help them to get up and help them get on the path to a better life as well.

Be the BEST You!

Ste Brown MS, CEO


As we close the 2016 calendar year I could not help but add one more page.  During a review of my LinkedIn page I ran across some very uplifting quotes.   As we go into the new year weekend consider the following. You may run into people who are still working through some of their own difficulties and others who simply refuse to grow up or let go off of any of their personal biases or hatreds.  (just sigh and say and prayer for them)

“When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The MISINFORMATION will feel unfair, but STAY ABOVE IT, trusting that other people will eventually see the TRUTH just like you did.”

Give that some thought.  When people realize YOU no longer care what they think about you, they want others to dislike you or hate you or even blackball you from working or other opportunities.  They imagine their ethics, morals and integrity are of the highest order and everyone should live their life as they are living theirs………..

Wait for it……… smell that?  There it is…… the pungent smell of hypocrisy!  Eewwwheee!

cartoon-smell-guy smellyguy

We have all smelled that before!  Whew!  Wheres the gas mask when you need it?

Take a pledge this year NOT to be a TOXIC PERSON – Run from hypocrisy.

As a youth or young adult you are still building your character.  It may take you another 5-10 years before you actually figure out how to live your life without regrets.  But regardless of how many times you fall, DO NOT STAY DOWN.  No matter how many times they knock you down, get up more determined to succeed.  Also, recognize when you need to ask for help. Never be too proud to ask for help. The UniversityofBandz is always here for you.  We have solutions to life’s problems.  We provide recovery counseling, behavioral counseling, attitude adjustments and much more.

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Decide to live your life in a way that puts the critics to shame.  No matter how many fights you have had in school, no matter how many incompletes or FLAGS you have on your report card, you CAN CHANGE.  You CAN decide to take life more seriously and take your education seriously.

IMAGINE THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….I want you to walk into the guidance counselors office and ask to see your transcript and your CLASS RANKING among your peers.  Are you in the bottom 25%, the middle 50% or are you in the top 1% of your class?  Believe it or not your ranking in high school will remarkably mirror how you live your live after you graduate.  If you are in the bottom 25% in class, YOUR INCOME will be in the bottom 25% of society.  YOUR FRIENDS will be in the bottom 25% of society, YOUR CLOTHES, YOUR CAR, YOUR LIVING QUARTERS, YOUR ENTIRE LIFE will reflect the bottom 25% in society.

Is that how you want to live your life?  Is that the life you want to give to your children?  Remember you become the company you keep.  If you are a racist, chances are your friends are too.  If you are an alcoholic or drug user, chances are your associates are too.

If that is NOT the life you want, then CHANGE.  Make the commitment to go to class, do your homework, change your ATTITUDE, and BE BETTER at EVERYTHING YOU DO and please find some manners.  Speak to everyone as if it was JC himself. There is NEVER any need to verbally attack a person simply because they are different then you or speak a different language.  Respect your teachers, they are the ones who can improve your standard of living! Improve your vocabulary it will open many doors for you, delete your four letter metaphor’s, you will acquire better friends, improve your grooming and hygiene and everyone will love you more.  Improve how you dress and watch your friends imitate you.  Once you have done those things, stop to think about HOW YOU FEEL!  Guess what, YOU FEEL BETTER, DON”T YOU?

Why…because you got rid of the toxic people and toxic attitudes in your life.  You finally changed your negative script to a positive script!  Take the pledge, Be The BEST you every day!

Have a safe weekend.

Steve Brown MS, CEO

What is the source of MORALITY?

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form] I was viewing my ROKU over the weekend and simply stumbled upon this video by Peter Kreeft of PragerU.  Then I listened to what he had say and decided I would like to share it with my readers.

First view the video

After reviewing the video I thought to myself how can this help students develop better character?  What I concluded is that is goes back to the concept of GROWTH or what most people today called emotional maturity.  As noted in Mr. Kreefts video there were many interesting illustrations to drive home the points.

man slapping-349265__180

Today we are going to look at TWO of them.
As students, when you take a position on an issue what is the basis for your decision?  It is centered on Conscience, Objective Morality, personal taste, evolution, reasoning, human nature or utilitarianism or something else?  Are you still the same person you were when you were eating  Gerbers or drinking formula out of a milk bottle? I hope not! That would be weird!

man with a nookie

So how can you continue that remarkable transformation from the cradle to becoming a responsible and caring adult?

Very simple: Develop a MORAL CODE OF CONDUCT! Pursue virtue, dare to show valor and you will be the the victor!

Lets focus on two of Mr. Kreefts points: REASONING and CONSCIENCE
As noted, REASONING is a powerful tool to help us discover morality but it is NOT the source of morality.

Criminals use REASONING to plan a murder, but they do not use their REASONING to tell them murder is wrong.  The same can be said for corruption at all levels.  Cheating on Bar Exams, Cheating on any exam, Lying, Stealing, Illegal experimenting with neural chips, killing people with microwaves, using V2K to harass or torture people is IMMORAL and shows the dearth of morality in our society comes at the highest levels!

Is it reasoning the causes people to put their lives in danger to save others?  No!  Whether during the Nazi Holocaust or simply saving someone from a burning vehicle or from drowning….putting oneself in danger is…. NOT REASONABLE.   Therefore… MORALITY MUST BE FROM A HIGHER SOURCE.

How about Conscience: Conscience alone cannot be the source of morality. Himmler, appealed to his soldiers consciences to commit gross atrocities against Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Homosexuals during world war II.  Today we have terrorist, The Klan and Skin heads and corrupt government officials who use their own conscience’s to carry out evil based upon their own beliefs.  Whether their beliefs are based in race or religion, they are still are committing evil against society.

So, How can you say your conscience is right and others are wrong if conscience is the only source of morality? YOU CAN’T!

immaturityNow lets make it more personal!
The next time you yell or swear at your parents, teacher or fellow student or mistreat ANYONE for ANY REASON, what is the basis for your actions?  Was it based on any of the reasons mentioned in the above video?  How can you get angry with someone who mistreats YOU or swears at you or causes you harm if conscience is the source of morality?   YOU CAN’T!

If you want a better world YOU have to be a better person!  If you want  great schools and better communities…YOU have to be a great student, a better citizen and live a by a higher MORAL CODE! Dare to be great in ALL AREAS of life. Treat people with dignity and respect even when they are having a bad day and may not even love them themselves enough to love others.  RISE ABOVE the petty, the selfish, the egocentric mentality that dominates our society.

Regardless of where you are at in your develop today, be it in the Criminal Justice System, County Services, or simply living a debauched and immoral life, YOU CAN CHANGE!  YOU CAN BE A BETTER PERSON SIMPLY BY STOPPING YOUR WRONG BEHAVIOR!

CHOICE IS POWERFUL!  CHOOSE TO BE A BETTER PERSON AND WATCH YOUR LIFE CHANGE FOR THE GOOD!  You will have better friends, a brighter outlook on life, and you will have a REAL FUTURE!

The capacity to grow starts with the desire to grow.  You have to WANT TO BE BETTER EACH DAY!

So…what will it be?


Ste Brown MS, CEO

Beware of the enemy within


As you approach your midterms and applying yourself to your studies…..(you are applying yourself to your studies…right?) then no doubt you are beginning to see the areas to you need to improve upon, as well as beginning to see the behaviors of your fellow students and even of yourself.

So what are your observations about what you see?  Did anyone grow up emotionally, psychologically, mentally, so that they seem more mature in their mannerisms or communication style?  Ever wonder why our physical changes take place faster than our emotional and psychological development during our school years?  Do you see room for improvement in any area?  I hope so!  Since none of us have a corner on the market in perfection then there is plenty of room to improve our character.

When you walked down the hallways and sat in the lunch room, did you see respectful people having a quiet conversation? How many positive traits could you see?  Did they outweigh the negative traits or vice versa?
Don’t forget to do a self-analysis on your own growth.

REMEMBER: Ego is your enemy

Consider the following definition:
Egotist – an unhealthy belief in our own importance; the notion of ourselves that distorts reality.  

As we grow physically and emotionally there is a tendency to become a little bit too self-assured of ourselves.  So how do we balance that.  By having a balanced view of ourselves we will not think too little or too much.  Isn’t that what you visualize in your mind’s eye when we see a teeter totter?  No too heavy on either end but balancing just enough to have a little motion to it?

If we have the right view of ourselves we have a sound mind.  If we have an unbalanced view of ourselves then we have an UNSOUND MIND.


Give that some thought.  You may have peers who are so low in their self-esteem, mentally assaulting themselves with negative scripts daily that they cannot function without medications or complete school assignments or maintain the simplest of relationships. We would all say this is not healthy and it isn’t.  But we can also conclude that they have an unsound mind and it needs to be balanced.

On the other hand if we think too much of ourselves we tend to think that is more acceptable than thinking too less of ourselves. But consider, the individuals who think too much of themselves also have an unsound mind.

Look around your schools, they could be administrators, teachers, coaches, athletes and others who really think they can do no wrong and that everything they say and do is acceptable regardless of who it hurts, or regardless of who is injured in the process.

Their pushiness, or disrespectful nature may turn students off, it can poison the work environment, because they are unwilling to listen to others, only insisting on their way of thinking.

Hmmm…if my history serves me well I believe there was a little lad by the name of Adolf aka, Ol’ Scramble brains, who had over inflated opinion of his self-importance and ideologies. How did that turn out for him?!


A sound mind listens and learns.  A sound mind understands the importance of continued growth and maturity.  A sound mind does not harm others! A sound mind does not retaliate if threatened or disrespected!  A sound mind is caring, kind, loving, patient, mild in temper, peaceable, and looks for the good even in the most trying situations.

It does not mean that they do not feel the pain of the insults or that they do not understand the gravity of a situation.  But they have reasoned that any negative emotions are not going to change the situation or make it any better.  A sound mind is yielding, but it is not weak.

We have a tendency to become unbalanced and our culture lends itself to being unbalanced.  Simply look at our social media sites.  How many of those followers have you actually met, sat down and discussed viewpoints in religion, politics and taxes?  Humility will help us to see that others are really not as interested in our accomplishment as we are?

It has been said that self-worth is realizing you have value.
Self-importance is when you want others to know you have value!

My friend Paul once said, Knowledge puffs up but love builds up.
It is not enough to be a student at the beginning.  We must be learners for life.  It is impossible to learn what one thinks he already knows. 
The second we tell ourselves we have graduated or “we have arrived” then learning grinds to a halt.  That applies in our emotional and psychological development as much as it does for any other subject matter.

A good mind is a fine asset but it can become a weakness if over confidence causes us to develop an over inflated opinion of ourselves.
If you become proficient in a subject matter or a sport you may find that people compliment or praise you excessively!  And when that happens try to remember this:  “A smart man only believes half of what people say about him.  A wise man knows which half to believe!”

A wise man treasures up knowledge, he knows how to access it when it is most needed.  But a wise man does not just let the knowledge go to his head, he also lets it go to his heart.  Applied wisdom NEVER causes harm to self or others.

Learn how you can serve others in a meaningful way.  Volunteer your time, energy and or resources to programs that can make a difference in the lives of others.  Service requires that we empty ourselves in behalf of others.  We cannot empty ourselves if we are FULL OF OURSELVES!

Your volunteer service should not be done so you can LOOK GOOD, but be heartfelt in providing support so that others can be good!  Strive to be selfless not selfish!

“Having Authority  is not necessarily the same as being an authority”
“Having the Right is  not necessarily the same as being right”
“Impressing people is different than being truly impressive”

Make it your goal to be the BEST you possible.

Steve Brown is the CEO of the and he writes blogs on the importance of developing, maintaining and repairing character.  He recognizes, Good People can do some very stupid things in life, but they learn from those mistakes and grow from those mistakes.  He also understands, Bad People can do good things on occasion, but their primary motive is with evil intent. They literally practice their badness daily.  Want proof?  Simply look at your associates.

Steve Brown MS, CEO
UniversityofBandz, LLC



HIGH SCHOOLS RANKINGS – what do they say about YOUR school?

High School Rankings – what do they really say about YOUR school?

As you return to your schools this fall give some thought to High School Rankings.  Ask yourself, where does your school rank in your state or even nationally and WHY is it ranked in that position?

pursue greatest 1

What makes the students in one school differ from the students in another school?  At what point do the differences become excuses for lack of effort and poor character and immaturity?  At what point does THEIR goal to PURSUE GREATNESS motivate their attitude to be the best?

In sports players look at their teammates and their competition to determine, what are their strengths and weaknesses while the coaches drill the players to correct those weaknesses and fortify each players strengths.

So as students ( or players on a team) you have teachers (or coaches for the team) who are trying to get each of you ready to play the game at your highest level.  The game is to earn a living and support yourself as MATURE adults.

As teammates your job is to help your fellow team members get up to speed so that the team (your school) can be successful and have a winning season.

Regardless of what analogy you use sports, music, food or apparel the objective is to the take inventory of what you have, identify your skilled people and teach everyone how to do their very best at each performance.

As we approach the first week of school take pride in your contributions to YOUR schools success.  If your school has a reputation for excellence then by all means continue to build upon that!

But what if your schools reputation is one of discontent, teachers leaving, students not caring,  a reputation for fighting, discordance, poor tests outcomes or lack of school pride?

Dont fear failure

What can you do to change the culture of your school?  Again, what do teams do that went 0-16 for the season?  Did they just give up and decide they did not want to get better?  Of Course NOT!  They took inventory from the previous season and decided that they wanted to be better.  They had enough PERSONAL PRIDE to make the effort!

greatness 3

The rookies are now second year players and each player has matured and grown and studied their play book so they can execute the game plan flawlessly.  This year each of you have gotten one year older and moved to the next grade level.  Did your emotional and social maturity grow as well?  Or are you still acting like you are in kindergarten and learning how to follow rules, listen in class, share with your classmates, and treat others with respect?


How well you do and how well your school does really comes down to each person taking pride in their own outcomes.  The only thing you control in the process, are the decisions you make. If each individual recognizes their character is more important than their academic prowess they will contribute to overall success and ranking of their school.  A by-product of good character is a good environment where teachers and students can flourish and grow together.  Imagine waking up everyday and saying, “I can’t wait to get to school today.”

It is your choice!  Pursue Virtue, Pursue Valor, You will be the Victor!

Now apply that to YOURSELF!  How can you mature to help your team (your school) get better?

What does your attitude say about your character?   You have the right and the ability to change, improve, grow, mature, and become the best you regardless of what others may say.

Take the Character First Challenge through the UniversityofBandz.


Steve Brown MS, CEO