Financial Education Part I – Get Ready for the world of work

What is the purpose of my education?

As this school year winds down, you are no doubt experiencing some anxiety about what you will do. However, if you were planning to graduate and thinking about your future, then your level of anxiety should be manageable.

Here is the point of the matter.  When you actually graduate…….guess what?……… will have to seek employment and most of you will NOT get three months off each year unless you plan on going to college to get a teaching degree.  So what to do, what to do?  Hmmmm!

Make the most of those educational years while you can
Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of my education?  Is it to learn social skills and some basic academics so you can get an entry level job at some fast food place or local business establishment where you can work a cash register, stock some shelves, drive a truck, get a construction job, or something like that?  Most graduates will fall into that category.  However, if you choose to EXCEL in your BASIC education then you can consider looking at higher education as a viable option.

College may not be the path for you.  You may choose a specialty school, such as IT.  Remember the age old question our parents and grandparents would ask us….Soooo, what do you want to be when you grow up?  Hopefully, you thought of that long before your senior year.
Or are you planning to be like to rest of the students out there who think they can wait the last minute?

Take these next five months and start researching companies in your area. Anderson Windows, General Mills, U of M, various colleges, city, county and state positions.

TOP 10 JOBS For College Freshman To Consider
As a I looked at this list 6/7  are focused on an aging society.

Petroleum Engineer – Median Hourly Wage 63.64
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – Median Hourly pay 32.00
Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides Median Hourly pay (Assistants) – 26.65 and (Aides) 11.69 
Occupational Therapy Assistant – Median Hourly pay 26.57
Interpreters and Translators – Median Hourly wage 20.33
Home Health Aides – Median Hourly wage 10.03
Personal Care Aides – Median Hourly pay 9.62

10 Good Stay-At-Home Careers
  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Medical Transcription
  3. Translator
  4. Web developer/designer
  5. Call center representative
  6. Tech support specialist
  7. Travel agent
  8. Teacher
  9. Writer/editor
  10. Franchise owner

    5 GREAT Second Jobs for cash
    Medical Transcription Median Hourly wage is 17.50
    Landscaper and Groundskeeper – Median Hourly wage 14.28
    Bus Driver – Mean Hourly Wage 20.81
    Concierge – Mean Hourly Wage 15.72
    Proof Reader – Mean Hourly Wage 19.43

    As a former Career Guidance Counselor I would give a warning and say this is not an exhaustive list by any means.  Some of the lower to mid paying jobs can easily be duplicated by working as an insurance agent.  To learn more about how to become an insurance agent simply go to your States Department of Commerce website and look up insurance agent.

    Obviously, individuals who develop a special skill such as sculpting, iron work, glass blowing, pottery, etc, will always have a unique opportunity to earn a living doing what they really love.

    You only have 5 more months before the end of this 2020 school year. I hope you take to heart the these words today. Your school mates are not going to pay your rent, buy your food or apparel for you.
    Your quality of life will be determined solely on your educational potentials and ability to follow directions and do the work your employer ask of you.

    Are you ready for the real world of work?!

Author: saint

Ste Brown has worked the field of Rehabilitation for many years. He has gained varying experiences as a QRC for the Department of Labor and even worked with professional Football players and NHL Hockey Players. He has grown his business knowledge to include Licensed Insurance agent and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to apparel and food items. He has a vast array of knowledge of many subjects and enjoys sharing his views on Nano technology, V2K, physics and so much more. He takes to heart the adage that learning is a life long experience! Ste says, character is not something you are born with but it is something you develop. Our world treats many segments of society as one and done. Ste believes that no matter where we start in life or how many times we stumble we all have the ability and the right to pick ourselves up and move forward with our lives. He emphasizes his message to all he meets regardless of their age or what patches of badness they may have walked through!

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