The Adverse Consequences of Race Based Education Part II

As schools become more diverse and urbanized, school boards need to start looking at teacher’s life experiences NOT their RACE.  Teachers who have traveled the world and experienced life in third world countries or have volunteered to work in diverse communities make excellent teachers regardless of their race.  Also, they should pass the same standardized test as everyone else. Granted there are some benefits as noted in the previous studies but that only goes so far.  Once the student gets into the classroom they still have to listen and do the work.

Also, parents and school administrators need to understand that teachers have feelings too.  If swearing or general rudeness is part of a student’s character…that’s becomes the student and their parents problem, not the teachers. There should be a protocol in place where incidents are reported and an email is sent out to all parents and staff.  This helps everyone see the overall picture of the district and prevents administrators from covering up or white washing these incidents. There is nothing worse than excusing rudeness as: “well that is part of their culture”.  Really?!!  Now what’s even worse is they mean “culture” to be all people of that color!
Really, at what point did that teacher of color speak for All people of color?  They do NOT speak for me nor my family. NONE of my friends swear of treat people rudely. Are we starting to see the problem here?

Classrooms are not environments where therapy sessions are held.  There are trained mental health professionals and psychologist who are qualified to deal with these issues in the community. This is NOT the job duty of the teacher. It robs the other students in the classroom of a quality education and diminishes the quality of the educational experience for everyone. It adversely impacts the atmosphere of the building like smoke or a smelly bathroom. Yuck!
Who wants to work in a cesspool of foul mouth and ill-mannered people.

Teachers should not have to endure mistreatment or lack of respect simply because a student thinks they are entitled to say what they want without consequences.  I don’t remember school districts and communities handing out an All You Can Charge Card to be a moron! Teachers need to be allowed to dismiss the disruptive student from the classroom so an environment of learning can be maintained for the other students who are there to learn and WANT TO LEARN.  In addition, their ability to enforce rules should not result in being targeted or bullied by students or victims of vandalism by having their tires punctured or cars scratched.  Most importantly, they should not be abandoned by their districts because of their color or side with a student of color and automatically assume that the student is in the right simply because of their “culture”.  If they side with the student, they just told the student that it is ok to be rude and disrespectful. That student will eventually keep trying to employ the same tactic and ultimately it will blow up in their face when they go to get a job because employers are NOT obligated to take anyone who does not meet their standards.

Now……..contrast the students who want to sit in their chairs and pay attention and actually be taught to the individual(s) who want(s) to be the class clown or wants to be noticed.  What do you see? Think back… isn’t it interesting that often those students who want to learn can also be of the same race as the one who wants to be the class clown?  (Pick any race)
So what should we conclude by that very simple observation?  That….”race” or “culture” does NOT dictate how a person listens, or focuses on their assignment, does their homework, or respects themselves or others.  Race does not determine manners, self-esteem, positive self-image, love, respect, kindness, self-control, chasteness, contentment, virtue, humility, obedience, loyalty, modesty, graciousness, etc.  These are universal qualities that most people want to cultivate and be noted for. These are qualities we look for in people who we want to marry or watch our family members. They are also qualities most of us want our friends and family to have.  Regardless of a teachers color the class clown is going to be the class clown by choice. Not because of the color of the teacher standing in front of the class!  So who failed whom?
The PARENT(S) FAILED THEIR STUDENT and the PARENT FAILED THE SCHOOL DISTRICT! That will be my next article after this series.

If a teacher behaved like one of those disrespectful students, how long do you think they would last?  You might be saying, well they are adults, they should know better!  Really?!!! At what age should we expect students to learn how to treat others with respect and dignity?  At what age should a student understand that hitting, threatening, swearing or generally being disrespectful is rude, selfish and totally pre-school nonsense? If they are so psychologically damaged and have such low self-esteem and poor self-image they need to be put in a program where they can get over it!  They do NOT belong in a public classroom for ANY REASON.

A public school is NOT a THERAPY CENTER! They were built and hopefully qualified people were hired to teach various subject matters so our students (regardless of color) could learn in an organized structure without being disrupted.  School districts need to hold students accountable to at least a “minimum behavior standard” and “enforce the rules for the school district” regardless of race or culture.  If they want money so bad, then they should create a bad behavior school for behavior problem students and make all of them stay in that class all day doing their homework.  Put the graduating requirements on the board and KEEP THEM THEIR.
Let each student see what they need to do to get a real degree not a Diploma that says, “Here is a piece of paper with your name on it, now get out of here”! At some point the light bulb may go off and they get tired or behaving disrespectfully.  Those who do not change their behavior are not FIT for a school environment, and most likely will not be able to either OBTAIN or KEEP a job in the future.

Here is where the rubber hits the road.  Please view the following videos.
Share them with your students and ask them is this how you want people to view your educational experience?

So what is the solution to this fiasco of race based education.  Let’s learn about that in our final part of:  The problem with Race Based Education Part III.

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Ste Brown has worked the field of Rehabilitation for many years. He has gained varying experiences as a QRC for the Department of Labor and even worked with professional Football players and NHL Hockey Players. He has grown his business knowledge to include Licensed Insurance agent and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to apparel and food items. He has a vast array of knowledge of many subjects and enjoys sharing his views on Nano technology, V2K, physics and so much more. He takes to heart the adage that learning is a life long experience! Ste says, character is not something you are born with but it is something you develop. Our world treats many segments of society as one and done. Ste believes that no matter where we start in life or how many times we stumble we all have the ability and the right to pick ourselves up and move forward with our lives. He emphasizes his message to all he meets regardless of their age or what patches of badness they may have walked through!

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