Level the Playing Field – Part I


You cannot protect yourself against something you do not know exists and is designed to control your emotions.

Without trying to scare you, I want to discuss a subject that needs to have every ones attention.  Because directly or indirectly it not only impacts the educational system and learning process but it has had tragic consequences on the landscape of our society for years.  It can happen on a school bus, on the playground or even in the school building!

Consider the following questions?  Ever find yourself thinking you hear someone talking to you but no one is around?  Hear a buzzing sound or high frequency around your ears? Have weird dreams of people and places you have never seen or places you have never been?  Ever find yourself in a maze with various obstacles to thwart your exit? These are just a few of the tricks that are used on the general populace today.  Did you know can literally SEE your dreams on a LED screen and they can put the dreams of another person inside YOUR head?

Welcome to the world of microwave technology.


How can you defend yourself against this technology? By leveling the playing field. When you know and understand what is happening to you, then you will be better prepared to control your emotions and your actions.

Did you know that there are frequencies that can control moods and your attitude toward things?  Did you know that the QWEN TOWERS in your communities are sending various frequencies into specific homes or neighborhoods and some are actually directed at schools or individuals within your schools and communities?

mw1 GWEN T2
These are QWEN TOWERS – The feds own the tops and the communication companies control the middle for their cell phone transmissions.

Ever wonder what causes students to act violently toward their teachers or classmates?  Or why a person can go from 0-10 without any apparent provocation?  Or why Police Officers act out of fear in certain environments? Or why 22 soldiers commit suicide every month?  Or why one area or neighborhood or segment of society experiences more violence than others? Of why students fight for no apparent reason?

Is there an invisible force that is at work?

They can literally create frequencies that cause depression, anger, hatred, rage and so much more!  But more importantly via the neural chip you can experience what is known as V2K or voice to skull transmissions.   In other words the voice emanates from within your head.

You are NOT schizophrenic, you are NOT paranoid, you are NOT mentally ill.  However, they want you to believe you are!

Your symptoms are NOT from an organic source such as a mineral deficiency.   They can be either be created through an implant in your body that is resonating at a certain mega hertz or your body is susceptible to that negative frequency even though you are NOT necessarily injected.

They can take your existing attitude, especially if it is bad, angry and hateful, racist, prejudice, spiteful, revengeful and use it against you by literally turning it up like a rheostat that intensifies the negative emotion to the point you will act out to hurt another individual and or yourself.

In their drive to destroy their own world and discredit people they actually tell their targeted victims to do harmful things to others or even cause harm to their families or people at large in their communities.
The questions is…WHO are these people?  They can be your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or associates or neighbors who work for these nefarious agencies. While they are smiling at you in public and during the family picnics they are literally killing people and torturing people on their jobs.

The individuals who are working in these programs are themselves masochist, racist, prejudice, suffering from low self-esteem, poor-self image, self hatred, depression, mental disorders are chemically dependent, and they work as county commissioners, politicians, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctors, attorneys, judges, and police, nurses, any other occupation.

And you thought LOKI was nuts!  Not even close.  These people make the LOKI look like a cub scout and it is all paid for by TAX dollars.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that healthy minds do not TORTURE, INTIMIDATE, THREATEN, BULLY, BURN, or KILL, STEAL, HABITUALLY LIE and ILLEGALLY EXPERIMENT on others for any reason.

A healthy mind is about creating positive solutions for people in the most difficult of circumstances. They show fellow feeling, compassion, caring attitudes toward the needs of others.  They know how to love themselves so they can love others, they appreciate real joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mildness and self-control, chasteness, contentment.  These are qualities of a healthy mind.

Good Character is NOT an accident.  It is a deliberate effort to live by a higher code, to follow a higher calling and be the example for others.

Steve Brown MS, CEO is of Universityofbandz.com writes blogs on the value of education and the importance of character development.  With proper character by all citizens we can eliminate the threats of microwave abuse.  SCB Associates, has been studying the subject for over fifteen years and has documented research to support this article.

Ste Brown MS, CEO

Author: saint

Ste Brown has worked the field of Rehabilitation for many years. He has gained varying experiences as a QRC for the Department of Labor and even worked with professional Football players and NHL Hockey Players. He has grown his business knowledge to include Licensed Insurance agent and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to apparel and food items. He has a vast array of knowledge of many subjects and enjoys sharing his views on Nano technology, V2K, physics and so much more. He takes to heart the adage that learning is a life long experience! Ste says, character is not something you are born with but it is something you develop. Our world treats many segments of society as one and done. Ste believes that no matter where we start in life or how many times we stumble we all have the ability and the right to pick ourselves up and move forward with our lives. He emphasizes his message to all he meets regardless of their age or what patches of badness they may have walked through!

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