Level the Playing Field – Part II

Level the Playing Field – Part II

As noted in Part I a healthy mind does NOT experiment on others.

People who work in the field or microwaves DO NOT HAVE HEALTHY MINDS.  This technology is being pointed at playgrounds, schools, colleges, and communities across the country.   You may even have friends who say they are hearing voices in their heads.  Trust me, they are NOT mentally ill!  They are victims of V2K!

How do they inject you?  They inject you via a syringe for a vaccination, or blood test or any other situation that calls for a needle to be put into your arm.  if you have had a hospital visits, doctors visits, MRI’s, community vaccinations….forget about it…you have been injected.
If you have ever been SEDATED for ANY reason, there is a 99.9% chance you have been illegally tagged by your corrupt government officials.  If you are a person of color there is a 100% chance you have been illegally tagged.

If you are an immigrant, legal or illegal, military, police or security personnel, or have been in any part of the criminal justice program either as a juvenile or an inmate or employee you have been tagged.  You have a GPS tracking chip as well as neural chip implants. Can you see if on the Penny?

Just like the Tuskegee experiments that occurred in the 50’s, corrupt humans have continued to be corrupt, they have continued to perform illegal operations under the guise of race superiority, patriotism, science/human experimentation, nationalism, hatred, prejudice, racism, etc.  In other words, humans have a propensity to do the dumbest things for the dumbest reasons.

What does this say about THEIR CHARACTER?  Suffice it to say we would all agree they are sick, demented, perverted, and in need of some serious mental health intervention!

Keep your eyes open, pay attention to your surroundings and be a voice that stands against illegal human tagging and experimentation.  Do so with a MILD SPIRIT, CALM DISPOSITION, and LOVE FOR NEIGHBOR out of a clean heart.  This way they cannot take your NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and use them against you!  That is a critical piece going forward.  The technology can put negative emotions in your mind such as rape, kill, steal, lie, cheat, harm, etc.  But if your HEART is trained to reject those types of subliminal commands, their technology will fail.

There is no law against love, kindness, goodness, mildness, self-control!  If makes their job that much more difficult when you heart is trained to be loving, kind and forgiving!

So the next time you feel yourself wanting to behave badly, please remember this article.  Those emotions you feel may NOT necessarily be yours.

History shows us that King David killed Uriah the Hittite and committed adultery with his wife Bathsheba.  History also tells us King Manasseh did on a large scale what was bad by leading Israel to worship false gods.  He even burned his own sons in the fire!

Yet what is unique about these individuals?  Both Kings acknowledged their mistakes, repented of their actions and turned their lives around.  The point:  NO ONE can heal themselves unless they first acknowledge their mistakes and then take corrective action to be a better person.

As long as people continue to be illegally experimented on by corrupt government agencies, and the individuals that work in those agencies and continue to deny their acts of aggression and hatred are wrong, they will always need a character adjustment!

Steve Brown MS, CEO of the Universityofbandz.com writes blogs on the value of education and importance of developing and maintaining good character.  He also teaches others participants how to repair damaged character.  To illustrate, just as a stain on clothing can be washed away, so bad character can be removed as well.  You are NOT what people want you to be, you are WHAT you want to be and that is determined by how you live, how you speak and how you treat others.

What does YOUR character say about YOU!

Steve Brown MS, CEO

Level the Playing Field – Part I


You cannot protect yourself against something you do not know exists and is designed to control your emotions.

Without trying to scare you, I want to discuss a subject that needs to have every ones attention.  Because directly or indirectly it not only impacts the educational system and learning process but it has had tragic consequences on the landscape of our society for years.  It can happen on a school bus, on the playground or even in the school building!

Consider the following questions?  Ever find yourself thinking you hear someone talking to you but no one is around?  Hear a buzzing sound or high frequency around your ears? Have weird dreams of people and places you have never seen or places you have never been?  Ever find yourself in a maze with various obstacles to thwart your exit? These are just a few of the tricks that are used on the general populace today.  Did you know can literally SEE your dreams on a LED screen and they can put the dreams of another person inside YOUR head?

Welcome to the world of microwave technology.


How can you defend yourself against this technology? By leveling the playing field. When you know and understand what is happening to you, then you will be better prepared to control your emotions and your actions.

Did you know that there are frequencies that can control moods and your attitude toward things?  Did you know that the QWEN TOWERS in your communities are sending various frequencies into specific homes or neighborhoods and some are actually directed at schools or individuals within your schools and communities?

mw1 GWEN T2
These are QWEN TOWERS – The feds own the tops and the communication companies control the middle for their cell phone transmissions.

Ever wonder what causes students to act violently toward their teachers or classmates?  Or why a person can go from 0-10 without any apparent provocation?  Or why Police Officers act out of fear in certain environments? Or why 22 soldiers commit suicide every month?  Or why one area or neighborhood or segment of society experiences more violence than others? Of why students fight for no apparent reason?

Is there an invisible force that is at work?

They can literally create frequencies that cause depression, anger, hatred, rage and so much more!  But more importantly via the neural chip you can experience what is known as V2K or voice to skull transmissions.   In other words the voice emanates from within your head.

You are NOT schizophrenic, you are NOT paranoid, you are NOT mentally ill.  However, they want you to believe you are!

Your symptoms are NOT from an organic source such as a mineral deficiency.   They can be either be created through an implant in your body that is resonating at a certain mega hertz or your body is susceptible to that negative frequency even though you are NOT necessarily injected.

They can take your existing attitude, especially if it is bad, angry and hateful, racist, prejudice, spiteful, revengeful and use it against you by literally turning it up like a rheostat that intensifies the negative emotion to the point you will act out to hurt another individual and or yourself.

In their drive to destroy their own world and discredit people they actually tell their targeted victims to do harmful things to others or even cause harm to their families or people at large in their communities.
The questions is…WHO are these people?  They can be your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or associates or neighbors who work for these nefarious agencies. While they are smiling at you in public and during the family picnics they are literally killing people and torturing people on their jobs.

The individuals who are working in these programs are themselves masochist, racist, prejudice, suffering from low self-esteem, poor-self image, self hatred, depression, mental disorders are chemically dependent, and they work as county commissioners, politicians, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctors, attorneys, judges, and police, nurses, any other occupation.

And you thought LOKI was nuts!  Not even close.  These people make the LOKI look like a cub scout and it is all paid for by TAX dollars.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that healthy minds do not TORTURE, INTIMIDATE, THREATEN, BULLY, BURN, or KILL, STEAL, HABITUALLY LIE and ILLEGALLY EXPERIMENT on others for any reason.

A healthy mind is about creating positive solutions for people in the most difficult of circumstances. They show fellow feeling, compassion, caring attitudes toward the needs of others.  They know how to love themselves so they can love others, they appreciate real joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mildness and self-control, chasteness, contentment.  These are qualities of a healthy mind.

Good Character is NOT an accident.  It is a deliberate effort to live by a higher code, to follow a higher calling and be the example for others.

Steve Brown MS, CEO is of Universityofbandz.com writes blogs on the value of education and the importance of character development.  With proper character by all citizens we can eliminate the threats of microwave abuse.  SCB Associates, has been studying the subject for over fifteen years and has documented research to support this article.

Ste Brown MS, CEO

Wow June is coming – June is coming!

Whoa Nelly.  June is almost here! Graduation is on the minds of the seniors and some juniors.  Freshman and Sophomores are thinking about the next year and how many credits they need until they graduate.  Well, how did you do?  Did you learn anything?

Consider the following:
As graduation approaches, you are no doubt thinking about the remaining classes, classmates, favorite or no so favorite teachers. The freshman were concerned about moving into a new building with “older people”!  But regardless of your starting points or ending points, your minds were spinning like a whirlwind trying to take it all in while at the same time maintaining your cool.  Come on now!  I used to rock the bell bottoms and fro back in the day and wear my sunglasses!  But I outgrew it!  Now I wear suits, ties, and rock the suspenders and Johnston and Murphy’s.  But I digress.

Many of our students do not want their peers to see them sweat so they cover over their anxieties with jokes, laughter, teasing, and sometimes insults and bullying.

So before you go down that slippery slope of negativity, you will want to check yourself and take inventory of your emotions and your thoughts. Ask yourself are you following the HIGHEST principles possible?  Are you working to BE THE BEST you possible?  Are you taking the higher ground and GROWING emotionally and psychologically so that you can function at your optimal level?

All of the underclassmen should be looking at all of those seniors and soaking up their knowledge.
How many of the seniors actually learned something in class?  How many applied themselves to their studies?  How may were in the principals office everyday?

Without the mindset wanting to “be the best you”,  you will be ‘just another wannabe, could-a, would-a, should- a kinda person’ whom teachers and administrators will later say” “They had so much potential to be more”.    Don’t let that be said about you!  Don’t leave your educational game on the bench. Bring your “A” game everyday so that when the big tests come along in life you can pass them.

Leonardo DeCaprio

With that said, lets consider some of the areas that you will eventually be confronted with as you progress through school. Politics, Religion, Gender Equality, Sexuality, Grooming, Dress, Music, Friends, Physical appearance are some of the many topics you will eventually discuss in the cafeteria, playground, gym, on the bus and even walking to and from school.  Even though all people have to deal with each subject matter (including teachers, administrators and even your parents, grandparents, siblings), you will be surprised to learn how many different answers can be provided for each of them.  But for every different answer there are also different outcomes. So the choices you make today will have a HUGE impact on your potential outcomes tomorrow!

The point being, is that YOU need to be the BEST YOU!  There is a right way and a wrong way for everything in life.  But there is only ONE answer that can MAXIMIZE your potential.  If all choices or just ANY choice led to a positive outcome then why do we have so much corruption, dishonesty, hypocrisy, crime, violence, hatred, prejudice, racism, etc. There is only ONE answer that can help you be the BEST YOU possible!

If you are really paying attention to our blog you will have more than an inkling of what direction you should go.  One of my friends once said that opinions are like tennis shoes.  Everyone has them and they all STINK!

immaturity poster

Opinions usually are odorous when we do not agree with them.  But having been raised in a rural area as a teen I actually came to love the smell of a dead skunk.  It took some getting used to but I can truthfully today it is not as offensive as the first time I smelled it. There is something refreshing about the pungent order of dead skunk that clears the nostrils and open the lungs.  The point is that we are going to here opinions that initially we may find ODOROUS, but after we have had some time to think about them and as we gain more knowledge and understanding, discernment and thinking ability, then we begin to see the WISDOM in words, that initially we did not agree with.  Allow yourself that opportunity to understand the words you hear, before you draw your final conclusions.

So as you walk the hallways of school and eventually the hallways of life, test the quality of the words. Listen to the emotion and conviction attached to them, then determine if they have merit.  But be forewarned!

Remember, that even a racist has conviction for their beliefs, and even Hitler had conviction for his actions.  But that does not justify them nor make them legal nor make them acceptable.  So be careful about the conclusions you draw on the words you hear.  You may just need more knowledge, understanding, discernment and thinking ability before you can properly come to the right conclusions.

Choose your friends wisely.  You WILL become the company you keep!
If you hang around people who have a limited vocabulary and use colorful metaphors to express themselves, there is a 99.9% chance you will do the same.  If they deal with their anxieties by smoking and drinking, swearing and fighting, there is a very high probability you will do the same.

However, the same can be said if you hang around people who have proper manners, and principles.  People who cultivate intrinsic qualities such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control, chasteness, contentment, loyalty, obedience, humility, etc.  Those qualities will take you anywhere and open any door or opportunity.  You may also meet people who understand investment portfolios, real-estate, entrepreneurial-ism, people, who have self-respect and a positive self image and positive self esteem, people who follow a higher standard.  People who have their values grounded on higher principles.  Their good qualities will become YOUR good qualities.

When you choose the latter, you have a greater chance of accomplishing your goals without disappointments and regrets in your life.  So ask yourself, which would you rather have?

If you believe you have to experience disappointment in order to know how it feels then you may also be a person who thinks the glass is half empty.  You may be the negative-nellie of the group, always putting others down, always complaining and finding fault with everyone and everything. That is not an image of a healthy mind.

man with a nookie  immaturity 2
Don’t be this guy!                Act like this!

However, if you think you can learn many of life’s lessons by watching and learning through others failures and successes then you may be a person who thinks the class is half full.  That is a very positive individual who is always looking for the silver lining, looking for the good, and pursuing the higher virtues.  BE THAT PERSON!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.  Want proof, simply look at your peers.

Steve Brown MS, CEO

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Take The Pledge (TTP)
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I pledge not to make excuses, or blame others for my academic failures.  I pledge to spread the message about the importance of character and its impact on education. I pledge to follow the motto of the UniversityofBandz to BE THE BEST YOU possible. 

I understand that if I fall down in meeting these obligations that I will NOT stay down.  I will pick myself up, dust off the dirt and move forward by continuing to develop positive character.

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YOU ARE KNOWN BY THE FRIENDS YOU KEEP – what do yours say about you?

Wow, I just got off a Face Book page I manage for a company and found a posting that was disturbing to say the least.  I could not help but ask why do people have a need to support low standards when it comes to their choice of words?

Some researchers say ‘people think emotional pain can be healed by swearing’.

I disagree.  I think it only adds to the pain and it reinforces the pain.

By becoming angry when people say or do something to us that is offensive or hurtful does not make the situation better.  When you raise your voice, your blood pressure goes up, you find yourself acting like the aggressor and you may even resort to spewing your own colorful metaphors or act out violently leading to a physical altercation.

Give this a try 
The next time you feel insulted or someone physically causes you pain, ask yourself, what is going on in the aggressors headWhy are they trying to cause you painWhat is the source of THEIR pain?  What is the source of their emotional and psychological instability?
Are they doing this because there is a chemical imbalance?  Are they are a masochist? Are they part of a secret government program or secret fraternal organization that likes to set people up and pull pranks on them, in an attempt to publicly discredit their victims? (they exist!)

Once we begin to look at these questions we might see the aggressor in a different light.  Example, someone calls you a racial slur or some other offensive word is obviously suffering from a form of pain that directly related to one or more of the subject categories in this paragraph.
Right away we should recognize this individual lacks self-control.  They may be suffering from a severe case of low self-esteem, poor self-image, false since of pride, delusion, or any number of other things going on in their life.

Look at their dress and grooming.  Is their hair combed?  Did they take a bath? Did they brush their teeth?  Do they smell like smoke or alcohol?
All of these could be clues to what is going on in their life.

Even if they are wearing a suit and tie, or clean jeans and tennis shoes they could still be suffering from emotional pain.  So do not be quick to respond to them in a negative way.  Be discerning!

There may be jealousy or envy behind their attack.
What is the difference? Jealousy is when someone wants what you have but they don’t mind that you have it.  Envy is when they want what you have but because they cannot have it, they do not want you to have it.
Either one can cause them to behave childish or hateful or spiteful!

But we can all agree that THEY are in pain and that is why they act out against others.  They obviously lack good character.  Many have no sense of morality, virtue,  or ethics.  They practice their bad behavior daily and associate with individuals who do the same.  So what do the friends you keep, say about YOUR character!

An ethical or moral person does not verbally or physically attack another individual….period! A healthy mind does NOT attack people, it does not torture people, and it has no need to go out of the way to mistreat or be verbally abusive toward others.

So when look at insults from a different perspective we begin to see the individual as a person in need of help.  They have been victimized by their own lies, their own life style, their own bad choices, their own misconceptions, their own prejudices, and biases and even their own associations.  In other words they are in some form of emotional or psychological pain which has blinded their better judgement.  In a nutshell they are delusional and need psychological help.

So ask them what can YOU do to help them ease their pain?  Then watch their reaction!  Do it with mildness, do with self-control and for love of goodness avoid the colorful metaphors!

Steve Brown is the CEO of Universityofbandz and writes blogs about the importance of developing and maintaining good character and how it can have a positive influence toward a students attitudes about their education and life in general.

It is important to note Good People can do bad things and Bad People can do good things, the difference is frequency.  People of Good Character DO NOT continue to practice their mistakes, while people with BAD CHARACTER practice their vices daily.

We encourage our readers to become members and submit their comments below.

Steve Brown MS, CEO




While driving down the street you come to an intersection and wait for the light to turn green.  When the light turns green you pull out into the intersection only to be broadsided by a drunk driver who thought his freedom to drink and drive outweighed your freedom to obey the traffic light.

While going to court for the accident, the Judge (who is an alcoholic himself) decides in favor of the drunk driver and decides to fine YOU for not looking both ways before you pulled out into the intersection!  They also make YOU take the drivers test again and suspended your license!

Sound absurd? This time you are walking in the mall with your family enjoying an outing. While going about your activities you see a man running at you screaming loudly and shooting anyone whom he wants.  One of your family members is killed.  The shooter runs out of store and kills 10 more people and injures many more with his automatic rifle.  When you arrive home you find your doors and windows are broken and your home was robbed and graffiti was painted on the walls telling you to get out or else! On top of that, your insurance policy was stolen. Wow!


Just as our examples demonstrate, without boundaries and limitations people can suffer directly or indirectly because another person decided to exercise their freedom in a negative way.  As long as ONE person chooses NOT to obey the laws or rules of society, then NO ONE has real freedom.  Whenever you violate the rights of ONE person NO ONE has real freedom.  Now your saying those examples are extreme.  Are they?  Have you read the news lately?

Let’s look at it from a student and a teachers perspective.  You are in school and another student decides he/she wants to be the class clown for the day.  They pull out their cell phone, talk loud, swear at the teacher, fight with another classmate until they are hauled out by the police.  They chose to use their freedom to behave badly.  THEY STOLE YOUR EDUCATION FOR THAT DAY!  What if this happens on a regular basis in your classes?  How devalued would your education become if a student in each of your classes acted this way?  Teaching time is being taken away from a highly paid and well trained educator who could help you with that subject matter.  That particular days review may cost you a question on the final classroom exam or the state standards test. Now how do you feel?

The teacher gets paid whether the student stole your time or not.  YOU need to stand up for YOUR EDUCATIONAL RIGHTSAdvocate for your rights by telling your fellow students the following:


Get the picture!  You may hear a few boos and laughter and you may hear a few people support you.  But the point is you took a stand for your education.  You said it respectfully and you left your fellow students with a choice while still having a little dignity as well. Will they exercise their freedom properly or will they encroach upon the rights of others?

What if the other students stood up to support you?  Its YOUR education that is being diminished, because you allowed someone in your classroom to act out and not follow the rules.  You chose to exercise your freedom to listen and learn while they decided they had no time for education that day.  But if you just SIT THERE and DO NOTHING, then you are choosing to let someone STEAL FROM YOU!

Do you feel cheated, do you feel your FREEDOM has been taken from you!

What are the long term consequences to the individual who consistently misuses their freedom to do things that are not in their best interests?
Do they have a bright future or a bleak future?

Now what happens when you continue to allow people to take away from your educational experience by acting out in your classes?  Will your educational experience be as good as it could be or will it be diminished?


Steve Brown is the CEO of UniversityofBandz and writes his blogs on the value of education and character development and repair.  He welcomes membership to his page and looks forward to getting out into the schools to speak with the student body.  If you have problems with bullying, negative behaviors, drugs or violence we have answers for you as parents, students and educators.  Join the UniversityofBandz and put education and character first!

To schedule a visit simply send your inquiry or request to: ste@universityofbandz.com

CHARACTER: Your #1 Transferable Skill

Character Your Number 1 Transferable Skill

What are standards

For the purposes of our discussion standards are synonymous with quality and excellence, exemplar.  When associated with character it is related to principles of conduct informed by notions of honor and decency.  There is an ideal, code of behavior or morals, ethics or standards to live by.

As you examine your progress this year and look back on ALL of your school years, ask yourself, what are YOUR standards?  Have they gone up or down? Do you demand more or less of yourself?  Ask yourself what has been your family’s standards in the areas of speech, conduct, ethics, moralities, integrity.  Would you view them as high, moderate or low?  More importantly what is the basis for your standards?
To what do you compare your standards: To other people, actors, athletes, politicians or do you pattern your standards after a spiritual being?  How high you soar is determined by whom you choose for your pattern.

Birds of a feather flock together 
No doubt you have noticed that people who smoke hang out with other smokers. It applies to all behavior; People who swear, alcoholics, druggies, bullies, athletes, all hang out with people with similar characteristics.  There can also be overlap of multiple interests.  It even applies with low self-esteem, poor self-image, self-hatred. Misery loves company! Simply look around your schools. Who sits with whom in the school cafeteria?  Who walks down the halls together or hangs out together during breaks between classes?

So what does your choice of friends and associates say about your values?

Are they racist?  Are they prejudice?  Are they corrupt?  Are they hypocrites? Do they value life or do they think they have the right to mistreat or bully people?  Do they follow a higher calling or do they find the lowest forms of examples to imitate?  Is that how you want to be represented?  Is that the type of “standard” you want for yourself?

These questions are important for you to answer NOW!  Because the longer you associate with individuals who are not about improving themselves on a daily basis the more your life will remain the same.  You must take control of YOUR decisions and own the them.  Right or wrong; good or bad. YOU accept the consequences.

A prudent person would build their standards upon the highest platforms of morality and ethics, and integrity. Unfortunately, our society has failed in teaching and modeling this most important aspect of personal growth.  Since no one has “SEEN” a perfect example we must look for the good in others and praise it, while incorporating their best qualities into our own character.

If they can violate the most basic of human rights to torture, kill, rob, frame by decree, shame,  harass, stalk, bully ad-nauseam, then get out your PF Flyers and Red Ball Expresses and run away as fast as you can.

Are you one of THOSE people?  Do you know any of THOSE people?  If you are or know someone like that, please take out the magnifying glass the study them with a fine tooth comb.  It will not be hard to find their faults, their hypocrisy, their crimes, their history of violence and hatred, some murders, tortures, breaking and entering, conspiracy to commit murders and hate crimes, and generally just pure badness.  Now ask yourself, is that how you want people to see YOU!

When you graduate either this year or in the years to come, will you look back on your life and BLAME your association for your lack of effort in the classroom?  Will your present associations have negative repercussions on your future actions because you allowed their negative habits and ideologies to adversely impact your thinking process, thereby lowering the altitude from which you can soar?!  Learn to identify toxic people in your associates.

In the meantime, you can work on developing a personality that is built upon higher standards.  Did you know love is more powerful than hatred?  It even resonates at a higher frequency than hatred?  It takes more strength of character to remain calm than to yell and scream and a calm disposition actually has healing properties?

So the next time you look at your character, I hope you can say you are on an upward path and climbing.

Steve Brown is the CEO of UniversityofBandz and Character 1st and writes articles on character development and character repair to help our youth,  inmates and anyone who is trying to move forward, understand they can change.  They are NOT the words or definitions that society dumps upon them.  Just as we wash stains from our physical garments we can wash stains of imperfection, poor judgment and bad motives away with positive, moral, ethical ACTIONS that support our words.

People would rather SEE a sermon that HEAR a sermon, so be the example you want others to believe you can be.  If you stumble, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and walk tall and straight.  If your friends fall, help them to get up and help them get on the path to a better life as well.

Be the BEST You!

Ste Brown MS, CEO