As we close the 2016 calendar year I could not help but add one more page.  During a review of my LinkedIn page I ran across some very uplifting quotes.   As we go into the new year weekend consider the following. You may run into people who are still working through some of their own difficulties and others who simply refuse to grow up or let go off of any of their personal biases or hatreds.  (just sigh and say and prayer for them)

“When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The MISINFORMATION will feel unfair, but STAY ABOVE IT, trusting that other people will eventually see the TRUTH just like you did.”

Give that some thought.  When people realize YOU no longer care what they think about you, they want others to dislike you or hate you or even blackball you from working or other opportunities.  They imagine their ethics, morals and integrity are of the highest order and everyone should live their life as they are living theirs………..

Wait for it……… smell that?  There it is…… the pungent smell of hypocrisy!  Eewwwheee!

cartoon-smell-guy smellyguy

We have all smelled that before!  Whew!  Wheres the gas mask when you need it?

Take a pledge this year NOT to be a TOXIC PERSON – Run from hypocrisy.

As a youth or young adult you are still building your character.  It may take you another 5-10 years before you actually figure out how to live your life without regrets.  But regardless of how many times you fall, DO NOT STAY DOWN.  No matter how many times they knock you down, get up more determined to succeed.  Also, recognize when you need to ask for help. Never be too proud to ask for help. The UniversityofBandz is always here for you.  We have solutions to life’s problems.  We provide recovery counseling, behavioral counseling, attitude adjustments and much more.

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Decide to live your life in a way that puts the critics to shame.  No matter how many fights you have had in school, no matter how many incompletes or FLAGS you have on your report card, you CAN CHANGE.  You CAN decide to take life more seriously and take your education seriously.

IMAGINE THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL….I want you to walk into the guidance counselors office and ask to see your transcript and your CLASS RANKING among your peers.  Are you in the bottom 25%, the middle 50% or are you in the top 1% of your class?  Believe it or not your ranking in high school will remarkably mirror how you live your live after you graduate.  If you are in the bottom 25% in class, YOUR INCOME will be in the bottom 25% of society.  YOUR FRIENDS will be in the bottom 25% of society, YOUR CLOTHES, YOUR CAR, YOUR LIVING QUARTERS, YOUR ENTIRE LIFE will reflect the bottom 25% in society.

Is that how you want to live your life?  Is that the life you want to give to your children?  Remember you become the company you keep.  If you are a racist, chances are your friends are too.  If you are an alcoholic or drug user, chances are your associates are too.

If that is NOT the life you want, then CHANGE.  Make the commitment to go to class, do your homework, change your ATTITUDE, and BE BETTER at EVERYTHING YOU DO and please find some manners.  Speak to everyone as if it was JC himself. There is NEVER any need to verbally attack a person simply because they are different then you or speak a different language.  Respect your teachers, they are the ones who can improve your standard of living! Improve your vocabulary it will open many doors for you, delete your four letter metaphor’s, you will acquire better friends, improve your grooming and hygiene and everyone will love you more.  Improve how you dress and watch your friends imitate you.  Once you have done those things, stop to think about HOW YOU FEEL!  Guess what, YOU FEEL BETTER, DON”T YOU?

Why…because you got rid of the toxic people and toxic attitudes in your life.  You finally changed your negative script to a positive script!  Take the pledge, Be The BEST you every day!

Have a safe weekend.

Steve Brown MS, CEO