What is the source of MORALITY?

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First view the video

After reviewing the video I thought to myself how can this help students develop better character?  What I concluded is that is goes back to the concept of GROWTH or what most people today called emotional maturity.  As noted in Mr. Kreefts video there were many interesting illustrations to drive home the points.

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Today we are going to look at TWO of them.
As students, when you take a position on an issue what is the basis for your decision?  It is centered on Conscience, Objective Morality, personal taste, evolution, reasoning, human nature or utilitarianism or something else?  Are you still the same person you were when you were eating  Gerbers or drinking formula out of a milk bottle? I hope not! That would be weird!

man with a nookie

So how can you continue that remarkable transformation from the cradle to becoming a responsible and caring adult?

Very simple: Develop a MORAL CODE OF CONDUCT! Pursue virtue, dare to show valor and you will be the the victor!

Lets focus on two of Mr. Kreefts points: REASONING and CONSCIENCE
As noted, REASONING is a powerful tool to help us discover morality but it is NOT the source of morality.

Criminals use REASONING to plan a murder, but they do not use their REASONING to tell them murder is wrong.  The same can be said for corruption at all levels.  Cheating on Bar Exams, Cheating on any exam, Lying, Stealing, Illegal experimenting with neural chips, killing people with microwaves, using V2K to harass or torture people is IMMORAL and shows the dearth of morality in our society comes at the highest levels!

Is it reasoning the causes people to put their lives in danger to save others?  No!  Whether during the Nazi Holocaust or simply saving someone from a burning vehicle or from drowning….putting oneself in danger is…. NOT REASONABLE.   Therefore… MORALITY MUST BE FROM A HIGHER SOURCE.

How about Conscience: Conscience alone cannot be the source of morality. Himmler, appealed to his soldiers consciences to commit gross atrocities against Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Homosexuals during world war II.  Today we have terrorist, The Klan and Skin heads and corrupt government officials who use their own conscience’s to carry out evil based upon their own beliefs.  Whether their beliefs are based in race or religion, they are still are committing evil against society.

So, How can you say your conscience is right and others are wrong if conscience is the only source of morality? YOU CAN’T!

immaturityNow lets make it more personal!
The next time you yell or swear at your parents, teacher or fellow student or mistreat ANYONE for ANY REASON, what is the basis for your actions?  Was it based on any of the reasons mentioned in the above video?  How can you get angry with someone who mistreats YOU or swears at you or causes you harm if conscience is the source of morality?   YOU CAN’T!

If you want a better world YOU have to be a better person!  If you want  great schools and better communities…YOU have to be a great student, a better citizen and live a by a higher MORAL CODE! Dare to be great in ALL AREAS of life. Treat people with dignity and respect even when they are having a bad day and may not even love them themselves enough to love others.  RISE ABOVE the petty, the selfish, the egocentric mentality that dominates our society.

Regardless of where you are at in your develop today, be it in the Criminal Justice System, County Services, or simply living a debauched and immoral life, YOU CAN CHANGE!  YOU CAN BE A BETTER PERSON SIMPLY BY STOPPING YOUR WRONG BEHAVIOR!

CHOICE IS POWERFUL!  CHOOSE TO BE A BETTER PERSON AND WATCH YOUR LIFE CHANGE FOR THE GOOD!  You will have better friends, a brighter outlook on life, and you will have a REAL FUTURE!

The capacity to grow starts with the desire to grow.  You have to WANT TO BE BETTER EACH DAY!

So…what will it be?


Ste Brown MS, CEO