YSHS High School

Here we go amigos!  It is about the time of year again.  The county fairs and state fairs are revved up and people are getting in their last minute vacations.  But thru all of that your thoughts should be focused on your first day back at school. You want to hit the ground running.  Just as the NFL players train throughout the year so that they can be in shape for TRAINING CAMP BEFORE their regular season, students need to maintain a certain level of discipline by reading, studying and practicing so that they do not fall back in their studies when school starts.

Pick up a dictionary and IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY! Remove the four letter metaphors from your vocabulary altogether! Bone up on some of those math equations.  Go over those Chemistry tables, brush up on whatever classes you took last year that are supposed to prepare you for the new classes you take this fall.  Pull out some of the books that will be used in the Fall and familiarize yourself with the contents so the subject matter will not be foreign to you.

If you have an older sibling, ask them about the classes and teachers and what to expect in those settings.  Look over their books, but do not copy their answers.  The teacher may change up the test this year.
Never assume, it will always bet the same as last year.  Expect new challenges.

Make a commitment NOT to be the class clown!  Be determined NOT to bully anyone including teachers and when you see fellow students behaving poorly, stand up, be the peer counselor and let them know that is NOT acceptable and that YOU expect more from them as your fellow classmate.  Hold each other accountable!

Take the Character Challenge and be determined to Be the BEST you possible!.  If you have always been running the race with good character, remember to stay the course. Just because you did well last year does not mean you will not meet new challenges this year.  Life has a way of coming at you in waves.  Some waves are manageable but others are tsunami like waves that will knock you off your feet.

Pursue Virtue, Pursue Valor and you will be the Victor.

Ste Brown MS, CEO