Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fist!


With school getting started soon, there may be some fear on the part of our youth to return to their buildings, stand on the bus stop or walk to school.  They may have experienced some bullying over the years and still have not yet developed skills to deal with this.

Porthos suggested a video that might help.  It is called: Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fist!  He found it very educational!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as Porthos!   Our youth also need to know that even as adults we get bullied by corrupt authorities, dishonest people, bad politicians, and so many other ways.

As parents you can share a story with your children to help them understand that bullying is never acceptable at any level and that you will support their efforts to effectively Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fist!

Take the pledge, Be the BEST You!

Ste Brown MS, CEO


A caterpillar can become a butterfly but a butterfly cannot become a caterpillar.  For YOU to be the BEST you, YOU must change your inner-self to the very core.

Full Definition of metamorphosis
plural metamorphoses

  1. 1 a : change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means b :  a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances

As you go through your school years you will notice a physical change occurring as you grow in height, weight, and width.  You will see your hands and feet get larger and some very large sneakers will be squeaking across the floors soon.

But, more importantly than the physical growth, is your mental awareness. The world becomes smaller in scale as you understand concepts and comparisons. Your vocabulary will grow and you will learn basic facts about your environment and the world you live in.

Unfortunately, one area that tends to be neglected is the inner person, the core values of who and what you are.  Since there is no gene code for racism, hatred, prejudice or discrimination, nor a gene code that says you are going to be a bad person or good person, then you must understand that all of the decisions that you have made and will make are a matter of CHOICE.  It is imperative you understand the choices you make will determine your character!

Understand that Character is a fluid thingIt can and will change.  Simply look at our prison systems and see all of the individuals who have changed their character to become contributing members of our communities.  Or people who decided to pursue a higher calling and made the changes needed to be acceptable to their particular beliefs.  Now compare that with your immediate environment and see the hypocrisy and lack of character in our policeman, politicians, commissioners, bankers, priests, gang-stalkers, etc.  They give the appearance of being ethical and moral when in fact they are just the opposite.

Since no one today is perfect…..(i.e. walking on water and feeding the masses with a few loaves of bread and a few fish)…..then it is safe to say we all have room for growth.

Ever wonder what is perfect love or perfect joy or peace ? How about perfect kindness, goodness, patience, mildness, self-control? Do you think it would be a great adventure to pursue those illusive qualities?  To never say an unkind word, or never do anything that would harm another individual, never steal something that is not rightfully yours, be it of a physical or non-physical nature (mind control through microwaves); This is the real adventure!  Traveling into space and diving to the bottom of the ocean have been done.  But NO ONE has been able to bridle their tongue. No one has gone through a day without making one mistake in WORD, THOUGHT OR DEED!

Think about that!  NO ONE!

Now what will your goal be today?  A the above virtues quality worth pursuing?  Or will you simply give in and quit because you think it is too hard? Not practical! Yawn!  Boring!  Whatever! Try to live this way for 24 hours and see how close you come to the goal.  Then try 48 hours, 72 hours, and so forth.

You will soon see, just how difficult this really is, but you will understand why it is important enough to make the effort because you will actually like what YOU see and hear! Then watch your friends and family look at you in amazement for your emotional maturity and positive character.
I think SPOK would agree this is the real final frontier!  Live Long and Prosper!

Ste Brown MS, CEO

How Do I Build and Maintain ‘Good Character’

How do I Build and Maintain ‘Good  Character’

Since no one can look you in the eye and say they have “perfect” character not even Mary Poppins because she is only (PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY as in almost, reasonably, but NOT PERFECT!), then a question our students need to consider is how do I build and maintain good character?  Below are some areas I have seen applied that REALLY WORK!

  • Make it your goal to be the Best You each day:
    Without the desire to want to be the Best you each day then it does not matter how many goals you set because you will never be committed to them.
  • Choose your friends wisely:
    You become the company you keep. Simply ask all of the people who have been in juvenile probation, prison or any other rehabilitation program, the smokers, and alcoholics, druggies, etc.  All of them would tell you if they could make changes in their life they would not smoke, use drugs, hang out with bad associates, etc.
  • Live by higher principles:
    Where do you values originate? Many of us may want to say our parents, grandparents, or other significant person.  But even then we are only talking about specific qualities.  Even our best example will always be lacking.  Therefore, look higher.  Morality is not a concept or product of human will but a higher source.
  • Fortify your strengths and correct your weaknesses:
    By fortifying your strengths they can carry you over until you recover from whatever bad situation you may find yourself in. Take an honest assessment of your weaknesses and seriously commit yourself to correcting them.   A supervisor once said,  ‘if all you have is a hammer, then, everything else is a nail.’  What he was referencing were parents who lacked parenting skills. The only thing you can do with a hammer is hit a nail or pull a nail.  The point he wanted to make was people, ALL people need more skills.  Never stop learning.
  • When you stumble, or fall, or fail in a given area:
    Take an assessment of the situation, seek counsel from mature people and do everything in your power to rectify the situation. You will love yourself for it and you will always be able to have a good-nights-sleep because your conscience is clean.
  • Seek a Mentor:
    Find someone you respect and admire, ask them if they would mind spending some time mentoring you as you go through school, get your first job, get a promotion, or whatever challenges you may be facing.
  • Never Give Up:
    It takes a special internal drive to never give up on yourself. You are your own best critique, marketer, cheer leader, fan club.  Just know when to reign it in so you don’t become obnoxious to your family and friends!.  If you don’t believe in yourself you will have a difficult time accomplishing any of the above.  This does not mean arrogance or haughtiness.  But it is a self -assurance and reliance on your abilities and in your beliefs with proper humility that you are doing the best you can with the situation you may be in.  REMEMBER there is always an end to EVERY BAD SITUATION!  It may not be the way you expected or even wanted.  But I can promise you it will end.

Take a few minutes each day and get yourself a day planner.  Set your goals and get busy accomplishing them.

See you down the road!
Did you see the picture of the face, what does it say?

Ste Brown MS, CEO
Universityofbandz LLC


Online Lessons for reducing school violence

From time to time I may run into a site that can help with our Universityofbandz Character First Initiative.  Below is one such resource that you may find helpful.

The Challenge of School Violence.  Each year, 3 million young people in the United States fall victim to crimes at school. Almost 2 million of these incidents involve violence. This lesson examines school violence and policy proposals related to it.

The Causes of School Violence.  School violence is a many-faceted problem, making it difficult for researchers and practitioners to pinpoint its causes. This article explores the scope, scale, and causes of school violence.

Creating Alternatives to Violence  Although conflict is part of everyday life, it does not have to lead to violence. In this reading, students examine the nature of violence and discuss methods for addressing the problem.

Service Learning–A School-Violence Prevention Strategy. Describes how schools can integrate service-learning principles and procedures to address school violence as part of the educational agenda.

Should Hate be Outlawed? “Hate crimes,” crimes motivated by race, color, creed, religion, or gender are on the rise around the world. In the United States, over half such crimes are committed by people under the age of 21. This lesson explores legal issues arising from the prosecution of hate crimes and the protection of free speech.

Implementing a Civic Action Project In times of crisis, it is important to provide students with opportunities to get involved and help address the needs of their school or community. This short guide provides teachers with a nine-step process that empowers students to plan and implement a civic-action project.

Our objective is to encourage our members to use any resource that will help reduce violence and bullying in their schools.  Our Character First Initiative is one such initiative that we believe can have a profound impact on teaching our students why developing and maintaining good character is vital to their future success.

Ste Brown MS, CEO

Resources on School Violence from FBI website

Campus Security, Gun Violence at School, Crime Doctor

As we can see from the above list there are many services and programs that are out there.  But no ONE service or ONE solution will always work 100% of the time.  As a result we believe our Character First Initiative takes a look at school violence and school bullying from the core.
It all comes back to what is in the heart of each of our young people.Just as Janet Ellison says there is no gene for prejudice, or bigotry or racism.  I would add there is no gene that says people are destined to fail.
Each person is a free moral agent given the right to choose.  Once we can instill that knowledge into our students and help them fully understand each choice has positive or negative consequences then we can began to see a reduction in school violence.

Remember to speak with each of your children about the importance of developing and maintaining GOOD Character and encourage each of them to Be the BEST You.

Ste Brown MS, CEO
Universityofbandz LLC

The Garden of YOUR Mind – II

The Garden of Your Mind – II

Now that you have began to examine the Garden of YOUR mind, What did you find?  Chickweed, Dead Nettle, Hairy Bittercress, Henbit? (It you are having a tough time with the analogy, then you need to hit the books. Take heart, it is part of your growth process)

But if your mind is anything like this picture, you need help!

Weeds in garden

Remember when the Monongahela River was so polluted that it was on fire? (still think history is boring?!)  Do you know how they cleaned it up?  They stopped dumping crud, chemicals, and raw sewage and factory runoff into the river.  Guess what happened?

Now look at it.
Manongahela river 2

Nature has the power to correct itself when humans give it the right support.  Oh, and you can clean up your mind, your motives, your language and change your character with the right support as well.

You have your assignment.  Now, will you do YOUR homework on your personality so you can improve, build and polish your character?

Steve Brown MS, CEO
UniversityofBandz LLC

The Garden of YOUR Mind – What’s Growing in there?

The Garden of YOUR Mind – What’s Growing in there?

Your Mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds, you can either grow flowers or grow weeds – Author Unknown.

Think about those words.  As students you choose what to put in your mind.  You can either put positive, wholesome, up-building, encouraging thoughts or you can choose to put a garbage dump in your mind filled with foul language and wrong motive. Which would you rather have?

garbageGarbage dump

japanese-garden-jjennings-designBeautiful Garden!

Your choice says all you need to know about your CHARACTER!
Just as a garbage dump smells and is offensive to the nose, so is the student who chooses to carry around a garbage dump in their mind.
Which would you rather be known for, a Garbage Dump or a Beautiful Garden?  Are people excited to see you and refreshed after you leave them or do they dread it when you come around because you pollute their environment with your poor character?

To be the BEST you, you will have to ask the tough questions.  Unfortunately you may not like the answer……………………….

To be continued……..

Steve Brown MS, CEO


School Violence – Unacceptable!

School Violence – Unacceptable


You Tube School Violence:

Please watch the entire short video.  Problems like these exists in schools around the country.  However, the majority of them are not going to be as intense.  There are exceptions to everything and NO school is immune to the these types of problems.

It can occur in urban and suburban locations, private as well as charter schools.  Unfortunately, there are not enough people who really want to deal with this type of environment.

No student should ever be bullied, no teacher should ever be disrespected or attacked by any student and no parent should turn their back on any teacher who is trying to do their job in their classrooms, while having to deal with insults, disrespect from students and threats from students.

The goal of our program is to change the environment by helping students value their character.  We would appreciate your support in
moving our Character First Initiative forward so we can reach more students and families.

Your Character is your #1 Transferable skills. Value your character.
Be the BEST you!

Ste Brown

Quit Whining – Pursue Greatness

Quit Whining – Pursue Greatness

pursue greatest 1

I think we would all agree it would be great to have a nice start in any race.  However, in the race for life it is not always how we start, but how we finish.

Since none of us could chose which families we would be born into or what limitations we would have, then all of us start our race in different circumstances.

In a real race, some people stumble out of the starting blocks while others burst ahead.  Others fall during the race and some just lose steam and come back to the pack.  So regardless of YOUR circumstances or  what ever patch of badness you run into simply pick yourself up, brush off the dirt and keep running the race.


Be determined to run the race to win the prize. If you need to work harder or run faster to make up ground then get it done. Stop the blame game!  Quit making excuses! If you cannot figure out how to move forward then ASK someone to help you.

Runner finishing race with his father

When the racers see the finish line they reach down into their energy reserves and give it all they can. They leave nothing in the tank. When you look back at your educational endeavors be sure you can say you gave it everything you had and you left nothing in the tank!

article-2167949-13DFAB21000005DC-628_964x618 - Copy

How much more should that apply to your Character.  Some get off to a great start, some stumble, fall down, pick themselves up, fall again, pick themselves up again and keep running.

Others fall down and never get up.  Some start out strong but do not have the stamina to finish so they fall by the wayside, they allow the opinions of others to pop their bubble.

They allow stress to sap their will. They say ‘life is too hard’, ‘there are too many obstacles against me’.  They give into fear of failure, or fear of man and worry about what will others think? Ask yourself, When you fall down the stairs or trip, do you go back to the top of the stairs and walk down again?  Of course not!

Do you stay on the ground where you tripped? Our course not! Then why do some people refuse to pick themselves up when they fail academically or socially?


When you make a mistake do you admit your mistake and grow from it or do you cover it over and pretend it did not happen? A person of character acknowledges their mistakes and grows from them. Who would you say showed better character in the race?  The one who fell down and did not finish or the one who fell and picked themselves up and finished the race?

Dont fear failure

Obviously, the one who finishes the race regardless of where they started and regardless of how many times they fell. The lesson?

Never give up in developing your character and achieving your goals.
Never give way to fear because fear is a snare.  It can paralyze your thoughts and actions. Take pride in all the things that you do, regardless of your academic abilities or knucklehead miscues!.
Work to be YOUR best!  Then you will be the VICTOR!