TAKE THE PLEDGE – BE THE BEST YOU – play within the lines – part II


Zola Budd, the runner from South Africa. Picture shows Zola colliding with Mary Decker in the 1984 LA Olympics.

When a player suffers an injury for his/her particular sport they may need surgery, or rest or some type of intervention before they can return to the game. Similarly, In school there may be other factors that prevent a student from participating at their highest level of performance. It could be an illness or a situation at home or it could be a disability, (reading, math, language, etc), or any number of other complications.

Professional athletes understand that time is precious. They do not spend hours in the gym practicing to be a gymnast for years then change their mind and decide to enter a swimming event or track event.  Their muscles and stamina are not developed for those sports.  So the same can be said for your education.  Your performance in class dictates your direction. Your performance is the end result of your training.  How well you perform determines what you will be able to do! Be careful what classes you take.  Be sure to take the prerequisites and do your very best in all of them. How well you perform in the easier classes is not always an indicator of how well you will do on the harder ones, but it is a good barometer.

With that said, ask yourself: Are you wasting time in the classroom by not paying attention? By not doing your homework? By not asking enough questions? If so, you will eventually need to go back and learn that subject again. While you are wasting your time doing something you should have learned the first time, your competition is kicking your butt because they are laps ahead of you in the race for the summer job, the home, the car, and life!  They are the first in line for the recommendations and the promotions because they showed enough good character to do things right the first time.

Did the teacher waste your time because you chose to be the class clown, or talk on your phone, or talk to another classmate during the time you should have been listening, writing, asking questions, and doing your work?  Of course not! So quit blaming your teachers for your poor use of time.

They are NOT your parents, grandparents or family members!  However, they can give you guidance and advice, but if you do not follow it, then who wasted whose time?

YOU wasted YOUR OWN TIME!  YOU FAILED YOURSELF, because you were not disciplined enough to want to be the Best you.

Professional athletes come in all sizes and shapes and play in a variety of sports. But there is one thing they all have in common. They all want to get better at whatever their endeavor may be and they all want to be the best they can be in their given sport. The really good athletes also understand the importance of CHARACTER and its impact on their ability to get the big commercial contracts and product endorsements!

So how can you apply that to your education? What do you need to work on TODAY? Do you have a plan in place to help you succeed and reach your educational and vocational goals? Do you have a vocational counselor or guidance counselor who understands your social, medical, educational, financial and vocational history? Do they understand small business development and entrepreneurship? If not GET ONE or just email me and I will give you the needed information!

Time is ticking.  You will eventually graduate and have to start making your own way in life. Are you ready? Are you looking forward to it with joy or with fear?  A lot depends upon your character! What if you not ready, what can you do?

For those of you who have a plan in place you are to be commended!
For those who do not, All is NOT LOST….you can apply yourself to doing better from this day forwardMAKE YOUR PLEDGE TODAY,

The Pledge
I________________________ endeavor to use my time wisely in school, to pay attention in all classes, to respect all teachers, classmates, all employees.
I pledge to myself, my parents, my teachers and my community that I will do my schoolwork, read my books, ask questions, seek advice when needed, and live by the rules and play within the lines.

I pledge not to make excuses, or blame others for my academic failures.  I pledge to spread the message about the importance of character and its impact on education. I pledge to follow the motto of the UniversityofBandz to BE THE BEST YOU possible. 

I understand that if I fall down in meeting these obligations that I will NOT stay down.  I will pick myself up, dust off the dirt and move forward by continuing to develop positive character.


Outstanding! You are now an official member of the UniversityofBandz and its Character Initiative Program!

Granted those are words on a page.  But its up to you to put them in your heart and your head and to follow them.  If you do, you will have VIRTUE, You will show VALOR and you will be the VICTOR!

For recommendations on how to create your own personal educational plan contact SCB Associates, Inc. sgbro@comcast.net

Best Regards
Ste Brown MS, CEO

Author: saint

Ste Brown has worked the field of Rehabilitation for many years. He has gained varying experiences as a QRC for the Department of Labor and even worked with professional Football players and NHL Hockey Players. He has grown his business knowledge to include Licensed Insurance agent and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors including but not limited to apparel and food items. He has a vast array of knowledge of many subjects and enjoys sharing his views on Nano technology, V2K, physics and so much more. He takes to heart the adage that learning is a life long experience! Ste says, character is not something you are born with but it is something you develop. Our world treats many segments of society as one and done. Ste believes that no matter where we start in life or how many times we stumble we all have the ability and the right to pick ourselves up and move forward with our lives. He emphasizes his message to all he meets regardless of their age or what patches of badness they may have walked through!

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